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May 17, 2018 - ImOverIt

No Call/ No Show

At my Target store they dont have the swap shift board posted up, you have to ask someone for it and to swap a shift you have to have the person youre swapping with with you and you both have to sign off on it in the presence of an LOD thrn they sign off on it. At my old Target store it wasnt like that. You could write a shift down then whoever saw it and wanted it would write their name down then an LOD would sign it when they saw it and boom. So a girl asked me to take her shift and I said sure. She said she would ask an LOD if she could write her name down then when I came in next I could sign for it because since they do it so strange we didnt have a shift together for us to sign together (she texted me about the shift) So she wrote her name down AND my name and it was signed off and changed in the schedule without me knowing. I forgot about the shift because I never signed for it and it was a couple weeks in advance that she asked me then never reminded me. So i didnt come in and they put me down as a NC/NS. When i was spoken to about it i asked how come it was signed off without me putting my name down, they didnt have an answer for me. so i guess anyone can put my name down for any shift and theyll just approve it without asking me first. fuck target


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  • bigrog44 says:

    They are not supposed to do that. She probably got away with it because Target likes her. If you're not liked and don't kiss their asses then you can't get away with anything. I know because for the last few years I was with Target they took me in for corrective action.


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