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July 29, 2019 - Market sucks now

Nearly 2 years of hell almost over

First I would like to say I’ve read at least a hundred stories on here and comparatively my target is the “best”. My team is probably what helped me stay as long as I did. I’ve got to know almost everyone in the store. My old STL was so chill and great. But Tarshit fires the hard workers and replaces them with ass kissers who are assholes.

I started as a cashier with a ridiculous red card goal. The gstl’s were at least nice especially compared to ones on here. It was the GSA’s who would let the power go to their head. The “guest” in my store were actually 90 pleasant but the 10 percent were from hell. The devil probably kicked them out for being too evil and to get away from them. Also on the side when drive up started I joked that eventually we will have to wipe guests ass.

Eventually I got tired of the asshole GSA’s and bagging shit so I moved to market.

Market was pretty chill I guess that’s why there’s maybe only like 10 stories of market on here. We didn’t have an ETL yet but the one we got seemed really sweet. Spoiler alert she wasn’t. She didn’t like me and eventually lied to the HR ETL and had me moved back to cashier. The ETL hr and DTl luckily had my back and she was  fired.

Modernization was my final straw. We pull our shit, zone our shit, push our shit, help guests with their shit, backstock our shit, price change our shit and move 1000 pounds of shit off a truck. All while getting yelled at with less help.

The new STL is a market specialist brought in to fix almost 2 years of being in the red but it adds more pressure. I got a coaching for my zone even though I touch up everything. So the day of my coaching I go slower to touch every single item and get yelled at for going too slow.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    It’s not just market that sucks everything sucks at Tarshit!!!!

  • viciousdave says:

    Well at least they let you go to another area to work at. I'm hard of hearing. So when I lost most of my hearing I said to HR I've lost hearing, so I wont be able to hear people so good as a cashier. I asked it be good to be out on floor stock and price check. HR said no, you applied for cashier, that's what you are and your gonna stay at it. Asked him like 5 times over in a year and every time no. Does HR not understand what a disability is? So you want me to say what what what all the time to people? Ok than. Business will be slow than and people will hate target for slow lines. He said so what, your not getting any position. Asked GSTL, GTA, manager, NO NO NO NO NO. WTF? What job doesn't understand disability?

    • Market sucks now says:

      That sucks. My hr ETL is really chill but I had to do it when my ETL ge was on vacation and the day before interviews so my hr ETL was pretty much forced to do it.

  • Market sucks now says:

    I finally put in my notice.


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