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September 18, 2014 - Red_Riding_hood

MYTIME question?

I have a question about mytime! Does anyone know if it is even possible to change your availability? I will be starting school and will need the whole week off basically but can only work on the weekends. Does anyone know if I can request this change? If so, how long would it take? Does it really go to corporate and then back for approval? Wouldnt that take weeks? Yikes! Im hoping to speak to my HR but hes really unapproachable and cold and cruel.

For those of you who have had to change your availability, how difficult was it?

What was the result? Did your hours decrease after that? (assuming on those available days you were available) Did you get full eight hour shifts or did they lower them to like 4 hours simply because you narrowed your available days?

Share your experiences with me, thanks guys and gals!:)


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  • necromancer says:

    Log into EHR using your user id and password. Next, select MY TIME and then click on CHANGE AVAILABILITY. After you submit it, your request goes immediately to your etl and then Hr etl. It does not go to corporate. They can approve or deny it based on the needs of the business. If your request is ignored it will be automatically denied by the system. It should take effect as soon as it is approved pending the next schedule that generates before it is posted for public view. On a personal note i am not even sure why Target has an HR position. They do not abide by the Open Door Policy and they are usually a sucker for their STL's. They always side with the ETLs even when they are wrong. Nothing changes when team members voice their concerns when issues arrises.

    • Employee4393 says:

      For our system, if your avail change wasnt looked at it gets auto denied on Saturday.

      My MYTIME log looks like a bad hacker movie "Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Approved, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied, Auto Denied" Because turns out, ETLs dont fucking look at avail changes unless you TELL THEM.


      This is your fucking job. LOOK AT IT.

      Not to mention we got this new system that doesnt even fucking bother to look at avail changes.

      I got scheduled during my unworkable hours since Im going to school too. I'll admit, my fault for not getting it changed, but jesus fuck this is not the first time, this is the second time this shit has happened. i do NOT want to constantly look at my schedule because I'm afraid it will be fucked up. Thats no way to live.

      But somehow I'm not entitled to being a little frustrated by a broken system. Must find another job. Cant deal with this shit.

  • Silverfox says:

    you might be better off putting in your walking papers. If you get auto rejected

    I'm guessing your in bc and a high school student. 🙂

  • Targhay says:

    Good luck with that. I've tried three times to change my availability (currently 25 hours/week) to 20 hrs/week, and I haven't been able to change it at all. Can't backspace-delete it, can't overtype it, can't make any change. LOD tried to help me with it too, and he just gave up. It isn't just a minimum-hours thing, since I can't change it to an increase either.


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