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January 3, 2014 - bmillz

My Target Experience

Just wanted to share some the bullshit I’ve experienced in my 7 months as a cashier at this awful company.

  • All the team leads refer to employees as sir or maam. So annoying.
  • I have not been allowed to cross train in other areas because I was hired when I was 17 (now 18) and couldn’t then. Now I am a constantly reliable and top performing cashier and I still am not being allowed.
  • due to name tags only having first names new employees can’t find authority figures easily
  • customers are so fucking annoying: when asked if they found everything and they respond actually more than I needed and laugh like it was the first time ive┬áheard that “joke”, always challenging prices because they don’t read the ad or sign, getting mad at me for their own stupidity, etc
  • team leads thinks they’re hot shit and seem not to care about anyone but themselves and other team leads
  • target assumes employees have no life other than their jobs
  • I constantly help with carts, electroincs, pulls, reshop, zoning and more and still am not being allowed to crosstrain. Due to my lack of cross training I’ve noticed target would rather hire a new employee than cross train
  • those asswipes at corporate (I’m talking to you Gregg) don’t give a shit about anything but the money
  • cashiers constantly miss breaks and lunches due to gstl not doing their incredibly easy job
  • we are not team members they are not guests it’s employees and customers stop trying to b edgy
  • higher level employees constantly use fear tactics to remind others of their expendability
  • red cards are the bane of my existence
  • team leads can’t manage for shit it’s like they were hired right off the street
  • everything must be done by the books no innovation
  • team leads guilt tripping you into staying late or helping out

There’s so much more but this is a good start.

tell me what you think.


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  • ProhibitionRose says:

    In the 3 months I worked at Target not ONCE did I meet the store manager. I couldn't pick her out of a crowd. Every where I have worked before, the store manager introduced her/himself almost immediately.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Here's what you need to understand about Target: they don't give a shit. Once you've accepted that, your job there will become much, much easier. I worked for that shit hole for 5 years, and at around year 3, I decided, "You know what? Fuck this place". I was once a hard-working employee, but after 3 years of "Inconsistently Effective" reviews lambasted with $0.09/hour raises each year, I took the passive-aggressive stance. I'd put shit where it didn't belong, hung out at the fitting room and texted, talked to my co-workers for hours, etc. You have to understand that the Team Leads, LOD's, and ETL's at Target are just a bunch of insecure losers in "real life", and Target is the only place where they feel important. Just rest assured that they go home to some white trash family with kids pissing in the house plants, crippled husbands getting fat on the couch, welfare checks arriving late, and the cat shitting in the corners of the rooms. The less you give a shit, the better your job at Target will be.


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