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December 12, 2019 - aussie93

My ETL HR needs to go away

I have the worst ETL HR in the world. Read on and I think you’ll agree!

Let’s call her Helga.

Helga and I started in our new positions on the same day. I’m the HR TM. I’m not actually new to the position, just to this store. I took a brief hiatus from Tarshit (why did I go back???) and did GM at my new store until the old HR TM left and I applied for her job and got it.

So Helga and I start on the same day. A fresh new start, right? I’m sure this new ETL HR will be just as awesome as my old HR TL and everything will go swimmingly, right?


So, long before the old HR TM had even given her notice and I was still in GM, I requested off for my wedding in October and it was approved. When I start my new position, I realize that the seasonal hiring event (a total joke) falls on the same weekend. I go to tell Helga about it so she’s not caught off guard that I won’t be doing the event at all on those days because it’s my wedding weekend. Mind you, this is about our second or third day working together. She appears not to have even registered that I mentioned it’s my wedding (which is on Sunday), and she proceeds to say, “Well you could work Friday and Saturday, couldn’t you?”

Excuse me?

Being as passive as I am, I said OK, and proceeded to fume silently about it for the next few weeks. The week of my wedding comes, and I’m talking to a TL about something that’s going on in her life. I tell her, “Well listen to THIS!” And I tell her what Helga did, just to vent along with her. She was appalled by this and went and told another TL who has been at Tarshit for eons. That TL called our Specialty Sales ETL, Jenna, and comes back to me with rage tears in her eyes. She said, “You are not working that weekend! That’s your wedding and you have it approved and she had no right to ask you to work. Jenna is going to take care of it.”

So apparently (I heard about what went down, since I was off the next day), Jenna confronts Helga about this. Helga tells Jenna that the hiring event is what the HR TM is SUPPOSED to do, and if she lets me take the weekend off, then maybe Jenna should come in and do the event.

Helga got a talking to from corporate.

Then she tries to tell the few old Tarshit elders that they can’t wear a Target logo baseball cap to work because it’s not in the dress code. I slyly handed my friend who I worked with in GM a handbook and said, “Go ahead and read about what we’re NOT allowed to wear, and I think you’ll find that hats aren’t listed.”

She got another talking to from corporate.

She again conned me into working on Thanksgiving, even though Thursdays are outside of my availability. That evening, I was doing the HR things that need to be done every day, regardless of whether it’s fucking Thanksgiving or not. She came back and said to me that people shouldn’t see me on the computer when everyone else is out there putting guests first. I was like, “I’m always doing computer work. This stuff needs done regardless. People see me here every day.” She ignored me and said she wanted me to come out and do something on the floor for her. I said, “Okay, I was planning on taking my 15 in about 10 minutes.” She replies with, “No, we’re really busy right now.”

I’m 6 months pregnant.

What she has me do is stand at the doors for almost an hour telling guests hello and goodbye. My back is killing me and I didn’t have a break.

Then next day she calls me into her office and says that “several TLs and TMs” came to her and said I looked miserable standing up there.


Also, I’m almost 100% sure that our shady AP was the only one that said that to her. Probably creeping on me on the cameras.

So she has me scheduled on Thanksgiving until about 10pm. She asked me if I could work BF too, and I said sure, as long as I can get a full night’s sleep. If I wasn’t pregnant it wouldn’t matter, but I get exhausted nowadays.

She schedules me in again at 7:30am the next day, knowing that I live 30 minutes from work. That equals out to less than 8 hours of sleep.

I called off.

I’ve had it with her. Did I mention that she’s 22 years old and was recruited right out of college to work at Target? She came in and said to everyone, “Don’t worry, I’m never going anywhere! I’m going to be here forever!”

That’s fucking pitiful, if you ask me.

I called off again today and I’m making this post for you poor unfortunate souls who also work at Tarshit.




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  • Market sucks now says:

    She’s recently hired and has to talks with corporate? That bitch will he gone soon. The same thing happened to my bitch ass ETL. She fucked me over but the rest of the store had my back, even the DTL. ETLs have a probation too and the DTL has no problem getting rid of them.

  • bust3r says:

    honestly it sounds like you also need help with boundaries. if you can't say no when someone asks to you face to face, that's a problem for you to work on, not her responsibility.

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Wow sounds like a bitch to me!!!!

  • alekchoban says:

    my HR ignored my back problems. she peaked at the paperwork and was like I don't need it. That I could use my sick hours whenever i wanted for my back as I need to rest it and watch it constantly.

    Later tells me about the "update" in policy about using sick hours. Acts like we never talked.

    So i'm mad at her and she is like what did i do?


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