Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 28, 2016 - pissoff

More things I hate about target

1 when things get backed up or a bit busy EVERYONE has to pay. Team leads basically say Fuck your break or meal we have customers here! Uhh sorry to be rude here but I really don’t give a horses ass, my feet hurt and my stomach is growling

2 some GSTL’s SWEAR that they’re managers, walking around with a clip board yelling at people like they built the fucking store themselves. Like honey have a seat, you make like 2/3 more dollars than me. Get off your high horse

3 when they ask you when you first get there everyday “Do you plan on helping us getting red cards today?” As if I have a fucking choice. Don’t ask me a rhetorical question you ass wipe

4 when you spent like an hour organizing one spot ( the dollar section ) and some goofy ass little kid or some stupid ass parent comes and fucks up your progress and you try your hardest not to bash them in the head with a hand basket. And then your LOD asks why one spot looks like a hurricane hit it

5 when a customer says ” well the price back there says 3.99 not 5.99! You need to change this immediately !” ¬†Ahaha no, bitch what YOU need to do is go to the homeware aisle and get a bendy straw and suck my ass

6 When it gets slow so the GSTL tells you to go to one spot and zone or go zone end caps, then decides oh never mind it picked back up! Get back on the register. Then when the rush is over 3 minutes later puts you back on one spot and haves you running back and forth. Make up your mind bitch


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Some of the things you listed are not exclusive to Target. As far as breaks are concerned by law it's not regulated by the Federal government. Most states don't have laws requiring to give breaks either, however I'm surprised your store does this. It was the opposite at my store. They acted like if you didn't take your break it would be the end of the world. The last thing I was about to do was take a 30 minute lunch to stay an extra 30 minutes to work, it's not logical. Especially because the reason we were behind was not my fault. It was the fact people continued to quit or not show up for work. I worked for a Home Improvement Chain that only allowed 1 10-minute break for 7 hours of work and would purposely only schedule for 7 hours of work. The store was 250,000 square feet compared to the Target typical 135,000 square feet. We were expected to walk every single guest to the item as well. I did way more walking at the Home Improvement store than I did Target. My issue with Target was never the work, it was the unrealistic expectations and how we were treated as people.

    • viciousdave says:

      Well maybe your state doesn't have a law of working. But I live in Minnesota, a very democratic state for a long long time. We have workers rights laws typed up on every single wall of every single job in the start/break rooms. It says that under Minnesota law If you work 4 to under 6 hours you are entitled to one 15 minute break, if you work 6 to under 8 hours you take a 30 minute off clock lunch break, if you work 8 to 11 hours you are entitled to a second 15 minute break, if more than 11 hours worked a 3rd 15 minute break will be taken. These are Minnesota state law work requirements under state legislation. If your state doesn't have work legislation laws I would for certain ask a police officer about it and from the answer get the info to your target.

  • qveencam says:

    I hate doingnone spot! Half the shit over there is never in the correct place. But I love when they give me my break extra late because inusualy work 4-5hr shifts and it means i have like 1 hr left instead of like 2


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