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August 13, 2018 - BunnyBuns

Misses Doesn’t Smile Enough…

So iv been working at Tarshit for over a year now, we are one of the many stores getting remodeled so everything has been shit. Well i work as a cashier, im surprised i haven’t quit. Iv had’guests take pictures of me, iv had one blow in my ear behind my back as i was watching self check.  iv had children touch my breasts and ass. the rest is just in general stupid guest bullshit. Iv had other employees be nasty and gossip behind my back, again i had a employee take a picture of me and make working there very uncomfortable but i try my best to ignore.  Recently my husband has reenlisted back into the army, also found out im extremely dehydrated so im getting sick very often as im trying to get my health back in check. i suffer from social anxiety very badly, But i make it through cause i gotta pay bills. So i recently got bad review, they have been riding my ass about it, as of today they took me in the back in private and said in a “nice’ way saying if i dont start smiling more or being more friendly i may want to look at another job, that i need to work harder on being happy and engaging the guests. which id like to say iv had many great reviews since i have started working here. Im a very quite speaker, i do engage the guest and have many great conversations with guest that want to be engaged. This store is going to shit, they keep hiring new people but have no one training them. they hired a new girl, put her on the register in front of me all by herself on her first day! She even stressed to me that she would have liked someone to be shadowing her, i basically had to do not only my job but help her to at the same time. I reported to them that a guest pocketed the change i gave them as i looked away to close my till, then claimed i didn’t give the right change{claimed i only gave them 4.50, even tho their change was 52.50} so not only did they get 40 bucks back in cash but an extra 40 bucks as i had no way to prove it and im still confused about what happend. I told the manager and they didn’t give a single shit. iv had guest steal from self checkout and when i report it they say “theirs literally nothing we can do”. They are hiring new people but barley give any hours. They are also enforcing that we have no water at our registers, and yes i have stressed to them i have dehydration, they told me to get a doctor note or oh well. Many other cashiers have also stressed to me the exact same issues aswell! There was a girl who wanted me to take her shift, she works at starbucks and as a cashier. She lied and said that her shift was cashier that day but it wasn’t it was at starbucks. They didn’t have anyone for starbucks that day so they tried to put me at starbucks!, mind you iv never worked there before.  Luckily i didn’t end up at starbucks but that girl lied and she is still fucking hired while i get chewed out about losing my job for not smiling….nice. Im just gonna try to get through till As soon as my husband gets his ship out date which luckily is really fucking soon then im fucking gone! Fuck Tarshit, i was gonna give my two weeks in before i left but fuck that.


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