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December 24, 2014 - cartattendingsucks


Im a cart attendant and holy fuck is it shitty. I literally do EVERY FUCKING THING IN THAT STORE!! I cashier, i clean bathrooms, i get carts, i get baskets, i clean spills, i stock closets, i take trash back, i take hangers back, i redistribute baskets. No i don’t zone and shit but still. A cashier has if so easy. Stat indoors and check people out. I work outside in shittiest of weathers with no one to help me. On weekends its like they don’t realize theres more people and that means more carts. A single cart attendant cant keep up with a saturday day during the holidays. Fuck you target. Cant wait to quit your bitch ass store. The LOD don’t do shit but yell at me for not keeping up with bathrooms. Sorry do you want carts or bathrooms clean? Thats what i thought. Sure i like my coworkers but fuck the HR and LODs. The management is piss poor. a pile of shit could run a store better. We are down to 3 cart attendants so i get scheduled like shit. I didn’t even apply for this shit position. They’re like oh we really need cart attendants would you like to be one. Out of stupidity i said yes. Big mistake right there. Fuck this job!!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, for sure. I began as cashier and than said ok I can be cart attendant too. Lucky for me, I got to do both, still mostly cashier like everyday though and carts like only once a week or call ins to fill in for other cart attendants who have called in sick. But lately I've had doctor clearance not to do carts anymore as I have fast fatigue from going into sweating and moving hard and fast. So because of that fast fatigue I can't really do carts anymore and my doctor had tests run and said yeah I don't think you should. So now I don't. Glad to cause cashier is way easier. However I just got tennitus fuzzy hearing. Still hired by Target but don't know when I can go back. Dang, only 3 cart attendants? WTF? Your stuck man until someone else applies for cart attendant, maybe more like 2 or 3 more at least and than maybe you can get out and say I'd like to do cashier more and be available for cart atendant maybe twice a week cause it does give you more hours to guarantee yourself 40 hours.

  • sbzero546 says:

    Yeah CA is the worst man they expect you to keep with carts while doing carryouts, trash, and bathrooms. GSTL's be like "ummmm ur running low on carts". Me: (In my head) No sh*t schedule more people or u guys can come down here and help. Oh wait..... LOL!


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