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April 4, 2015 - mrsirsir

Me trying to be nice

So I got a new job as a lube tech for clay cooley chrysler but since my uncle got me a job at target I decided I’m gonna help him on Sundays only since the dealership is closed that day. So yeah I get off early Saturday and recently his mom passed away so he’s taking time off to deal with the sadness and plan a service.

Suprise target is actually leaving him alone in this time. I’m amazed. They do have some sort of heart.

But here’s the reason I wrote this. They called asking g if I could work any hours for them. I felt generous since my uncle was off so I tell them I can work 5:30 to close. Reason so late is because I gotta go home shower unless they want me smelling like a mechanic and then drive to the store. They are cool with it. S the next day they call again. Our manager told clerical to recall me and demanded I work a 11 to 7 shift since that’s what he wanted….. seriously??? I’m only suppose to be there once a week. I’m being fucking generous and you wanna push it??? Why? So I said no and now I’m not sure if I have to work the original agreed shift or not at all. I’m just not gonna show up. Only reason I haven’t quit is because of my uncle needing my help.

Also I got another story.we hired this guy let’s call him Joe. Joe is the worst worker of all time. He was hired to backroom. I swear he never worked while he was on the clock. We would to him to do a department of caf pulls we would get done with ours then all of his were still in the gun. We have to rush over to his department and Joe was no where to be found. Our boss would scold Joe but Joe kept doing that. Somehow despite many complaints Joe held a job there for all his 90 days until he was finally fired for not meeting 90 days. So target fires good workers for crap reason but let’s the lazy fucks stay as long as they can hold them.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    If you agreed to a shift and don't go, that's a no call, no show. If you want to be nice, call and tell them you can't go, and you're sticking to your one day per week availability. If they don't like that, tell them okay, you quit. Or call them and tell them to go fuck themselves. Either way.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Tarshit seriously doesn't care THAT much about their employees or even their so called "guests". I will say that admin said the same thing I was about to say (no call, no show). It'd be better to just call in sick and obviously lying about it than just not showing up at all. Admittedly when I worked there I have only went in after being called may be two out of many times they tried calling me in to come work.


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