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July 16, 2016 - bowser520

Management not supportive to a new mom

i started at Target when my son was 3 months old. I was still breastfeeding him, so I would need a private place to pump on my breaks. My ETL was a very supportive man, with a child himself, and let me use his office. Unfortunately, he shared his office with a younger TL, who wasn’t as understanding. At one point I was using the office and the TL couldn’t get his snack, and later complained to one of my co-workers about being too hungry, because “someone” was using his office and he couldn’t get his food. She was offended, told me, and told the ETL. I was humiliated. The nice ETL suggested I used the office next door, and assured me I wouldn’t have any issues. Boy, was he wrong. The two female ETL’s weren’t informed about my using their office. One day I was pumping, and I heard someone at the door saying, “why is my door locked?” Followed by the jingling of her keys. I panicked, told her I was using her office as discreetly as I could. She asked me to hand her the box of muffins on her desk, while I held my breastshields. Seriously!?!?! She never even apologized. So Target may be very supportive of their guests breastfeeding in their stores, but as far as their employees, I was made to feel that I was a huge inconvenience. In retrospect, I should have complained to HR. I instead quit and found a more supportive employer.


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