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July 24, 2014 - TGTDude

LODs Are Spying On Cashiers

So there is this new thing at my store where the LODs spy on cashiers to make sure they are doing the Vibe. They have a checklist to see that you are greeting every guest, enganging the guest during transaction, pushing redcards, pushing surveys, pushing cartwheel, pushing re-usable bags, and wishing the guest a good day.

What do I mean by spying? Rather than stand by you and observe, they pretend they are straightening gum or magazines, but they’re really listening to you. Yesterday out of the blue my LOD comes up to me and tells me I wasn’t vibeing with the guest. I had no idea that he was even around. These guys are sneaky.

I’m super lucky, in that the LODs at my store are super cool, and I think they are only doing this because they have to. They don’t really give us grief, just let us know how we did. But I have read your horror stories about your LODs, and I can only imagine how this new spying is going over at your stores.


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  • Barytone says:

    If you think your LOD's are super cool…then they aren't doing their jobs right.

    And by that I mean their Target mandating jobs - to tell you what to do, bitch about you not doing it right or fast enough, spying on you regularly (including the use of AP cameras), sitting the AP office/Target Cafe for hours gossiping about team members, walking around in circles around the store bitching about the store not being zoned or that there are CAF's on the line, etc.

  • Silverfox says:

    if they're being cool it means they're doing their job right lol.

  • edge says:

    They're doing that in my store too. My supervisors are too lazy to be sneaky, so they just stand somewhere where they can see all cashiers and write shit down on a clipboard. They constantly reminds us it can happen any time, so better do the best job ever every time! Or else....
    Causes unnecessary stress, ya know? But that's what being a Tarshit cashier is all about. Unnecessary stress from people, Red Cards we get dumb coupon prizes for, and constant coaching threats...

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    They're like a bunch of creeper Scientologists.


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