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August 1, 2017 - AnonRant2017

LOD Ignored Team Member’s Sexual Assault

My friend Annie worked at Target until a few days ago.  Annie hung out with two team members outside of work, and one of them (Thomas), roughly pinned her down to a couch and dry humped her while he was drunk.  The other team member, James, was asleep in his room and didn’t see the event take place.  Annie was sober, and in a panic, disassociated from the assault and drove Thomas home.  She filed a police report against Thomas and is trying to get a no-contact court order.

She went to work the next day, and told the LOD that she did not feel safe working at Target while Thomas was employed there.  Annie told the LOD all that had happened.  The LOD shrugged off her concerns, and told her, “we can schedule you two around each other.”  It was clear they did not believe her.

When she returned to work, she told James what had happened at his house.  He proceeded to tell another team member, who spread a lie.  They said that she purposely had sex with Thomas, even though she knew he had a girlfriend of 3 years.  After that, all the other team members refused to listen to her side of the story and shamed her.  I know Annie well, and I know she wouldn’t help someone cheat in a relationship.  She is a honest person, and would not lie about being assaulted.

I know Thomas is somewhat attracted to Annie because he said that he was horny when she drove him home one night while he was drunk.  She laughed it off, and told him to save it for his girlfriend.  Before all this happened, they were close friends.  I know Thomas too.  I would never have expected this behavior from him.

It’s a good thing she quit.  She was in a toxic environment where people bullied her.  I am appalled by the behavior of the team members and LOD.  I used to work at Target with them, and I didn’t expect them to be such horrible people.  They were supposed to comfort her, but they harassed her instead.

The person in HR didn’t report the LOD’s behavior after Annie told them about it, or give anyone a discussion about workplace harassment or sexual assault.  This is why I will never shop at Target again.  They refused to fire a sexual predator, and allowed for my friend to be bullied.  Fuck Target.  I hope it burns in hell.

Note:  Names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.


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  • TheBoxMan says:

    Wth do you want them to do? Fire the guy based off something that happened not only off the clock but also off of company property on their own personal time? Get real. Glad to see reality is slapping you in the face and the rest of us are not your mommy and daddy and we will not give you whatever you want.

    So what, a drunk guy rubbed on on some girl who just happened to alone with him while he was drunk and she wasn't. Sounds about as credible as saying 100% of rape accusations are true....which they aren't. Sexual assault complaints are a common tactic of women to get at men legally and most are surprised when they are shown percentages on how many accusations are completely fraudulent.

    Saying a girl would never lie or have sex with a man whose in a relationship is comical. You don't think you are the one thats getting lied to do you. Theres a saying in poker, look left, look right, if you don't see the sucker than the sucker is you.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    TheBoxMan has some strong points and some weak ones. My first thought was it was off the clock and at a private party not associated with Target, that's a big problem for your friend. Another problem for your friend it's only her word, she needs evidence! No employer in their right mind would even consider touching this mess with a 10-foot pole. It would open them up to possible lawsuits from the person being excused. Your friend is currently at a huge disadvantage to prove her case. Now I'm not saying it didn't happen, but you have to be able to prove it. Even you state you would have never believed this guy would have done it. His girlfriend of 3-years is going to back him up. Your friend will lose. Now it's not right that your friend has been shamed by ignorant coworkers, but it's not surprising the people who work for Target have a very low intelligence especially the ones who stick around. This event is exactly why Employers make non-fraternization policies. It depends on the state but employers can tell you that you cannot associate with other coworkers outside of the workplace. They do this because things like this happen and create a lot of unnecessary drama.


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