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October 5, 2017 - wannadie666


Words cannot describe how ridiculous this job is. Never in my life have i been expected to repeatedly work 12 hour shifts and then get no recognition for it unless i visually look like im about to drop dead. This shit has taken such a toll on my health i actually get sick every few weeks just from exhaustion. I call out sometimes just to sleep, get my head on straight, and prepare to go back to that poorly run shithole. How the fuck does ANYONE stay there for any long stretch of time?

Does anyone else feel like TLs expect you to work extra hours….and when you complain ur tired they wanna act like they fucking blessed you with extra hours….like the paycheck isnt even worth all the physical and mental stress. IT AINT WORTH IT. Every TL wants to act like THEIR job is difficult while all of us run around working 60+ hours every week bc they dont wanna hire new people. Cant fckin wait to quit and leave them with one less person


Btw im calling out… fucking SLEEP


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  • poohbear80 says:

    They did try the 12 hour nonsense on me as well as constant clopenings, and calls once a week asking me to come in on my day off for a call out. I felt like I was working at some high pay career job that requires these kinds of hours but no I’m working the floor in retail for min wage pay.


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