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July 29, 2013 - ihatetarget4ever

Life of a Target Employee

Here I am after reading a shit load of posts about how all these other people hate target and I thought, man I would love to entertain the social media with my story of Tarjay as well.

I started a year ago in July. I really didn’t need a job but my mom kept nagging me to get one. I got hired right away. I was working after 2 weeks. I had an open availability due to summer break therefore I worked whatever the hell they wanted me to work. I wasn’t allowed to work past 9:45 EXACTLY because I was considered a minor. Who the hell gets scheduled to work to 9:45? Just another way for to Target to get around state laws. Anyways school started again and I got scheduled to work on a school day for a 4 hour shift, spoke to the store manager, her response was if I wanted to come in the afternoon to do those 4 hours. I replied yes, not knowing this was due to their loss of hours or whatever and it affected them. School lets out at 2:05 and Tarjay is about 25 min away from there. So I put my availiability 4-8 so I could go home and eat and change and rest. I worked sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and saturday. But I was still considered a minor. What kid still in school has time to go to work “part time” all the time and keep up with school work? I’m in school to get somewhere in life and not be like the 30+ year olds at Target not doing shit with their lives. They wouldn’t approve my availibilty change and they wanted me to increase my weekend hours. Hello, I go to school 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, and if I work 8 hours a day on the weekend, wtf is my life? To sum it all up, within a few weeks I eventually minimized my hours to a decent amount. Then came “post christmas season” this was like tumbleweed rolling in the sahara desert for our hours. I MAY have worked 8 hours a week. I felt like this was a good break from Target though. Couple of weeks roll by, new cashiers are hired. I thought payroll was cut? Uhh? Whatever floats your boat. I don’t know about you guys but I think it was in the spring time when the REDcards became in full affect. GSTLs were getting 40-50 a day. Other TMs were getting 20 and such. And this was because guests were not required to have a blank check to sign up for one. Everyone at Target took full advantage of this. I would over hear TMs talking up a storm about the RCs and provoking guests to sign up. At that time, I didn’t give a shit about red cards or target. I told my LOD if it’s not gonna cost me my job I DON’T CARE. But they were still hovering over our shoulders like we were some damn RC specialists. Guests came in and still do complaining about RCs. RC transactions take about 3 days to process. I can overdraft and not even know it. RCs don’t work and decline for no reason. Just a whole bunch of shift. Anyways throughout this whole time I’ve been slammed with info about the RC. I feel like I know like the back of my hand. What really hit me though, was when I saw other front end TMs that were hired after me, being cross trained in other sections i.e. food ave, cash office, hardlines, etc. I was furious, This was about late May. I notified my LOD that I was requesting to be cross trained. And she told me that I have to do good as a cashier for her to cross train me. As the complaisant slave I was, I told myself that I would actually try to get RCs. And so I did. My conversion score that week was well over 11%. Only one the TLs congratulated me upon this. And since then he has been the only whose motivated me to push harder and I do, but now that July is almost over, I have given up. I see no room for improvement. I’m sick of trying for people that don’t appreciate 120% I put in for them. I do everything and anything they ask me and still everyday they treat me and my coworkers with the same bs. If you get a RC, way to go, if you don’t, you ain’t shit. I don’t get paid enough to scan groceries and other crap, bag them, politely place them in carts, deal with customer complaints, and overtake any other tasks the cart attendant might need help with, or to sort shit out at guest services, to help softlines with reshop, to take stuff back to the backroom. to do all this, for nothing. I am a legal adult and I should be treated as any other person. I’m sick of it. And Target has me in their claws.


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  • Chris. 349 says:

    I empathize with your situation. Although I'm not a cashier I have dealt with Target being unreasonable in regards to hours. In my case my hours rose alot over a week. Now I don't live my life around Target. I talked with HR, who played the "your overreacting" card. I was eventually able to change my availability but I practiclly had to compromise with Target.


    Nah never settle for mediocrity. Find another job and let em hire some baboons to do their grunt work.

  • FuckT says:

    everyone working in retail claims they're going to do something with their lives...and then they graduate school and life happens..don't be snobs

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Can't you change your availability on the computer? That's all we have to do, but our scheduler is pretty sympathetic to people. Well usually.. I don't have any hour restrictions because they know I have no life.. They try to load me up with hours and if I can do it, I will. Otherwise I give the hours away.
    The only time tsc gets mad is if I had to train someone on the day I gave the hours away.. What I don't understand is, why can't they give me a heads up to that? Lack of coordination is frustrating.


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