Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 7, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

Let’s Talk Pros and Cons

     Okay so, we all know Target is the worst, more shittiest place to work.. but what are the pros/cons of your position? I’m looking at cart attendants especially, what do you love and hate?


-You get to meet interesting people, hot women, somewhat famous people (by “somewhat famous” I mean they claim to have toured with Pink Floyd or were John Lennon’s house maids, however credible a Target shopper’s word is.)

-You get to piss people off and get paid to do it. “Would you like a RED card? Are you sure? Are you reeaaaally sure? Really? You know it saves you 5%, right?” by this point you’re lucky they haven’t spat on you.

-Seasonally employed cashiers start at $8.00/hr. Not saying that’s good or desirable, but yeah it could be worse. This could just as well be a con depending on who you are and what you’re used to making.

-There’s room for advancement. By which I mean, someone who works outside the store may see your work ethic and offer you a better job. Literally happened to me last week.

-Depending on who you are, the rush can be fun. Black Friday was pretty exciting, so are weekends normally. It really pushes you and tests your mettle. You get in that kind of speed frenzy and you feel like The Flash because you’re working so fast.

-You get to work in a climate-controlled environment. It’s either a little hot or a little cold, but never really hot or really cold. I know you cart attendants envy us for that lol.


-Guests will go out of their way to try and make your life worse. I truly believe about 1/3rd of my customers wake up in the morning smiling about their plans to fuck with the Target cashier. “Hmmmm how will I fuck with the Target cashier today… I KNOW! I’ll bring my 2 kids and just let them cry and cry! THEN, I’ll use 5 cards that I KNOW will be declined! Yeah, KIDSSSS WE’RE GOING TO TARGET!!!” “AWWW MOM NOT TARGET *SNIFF* WAAAAAAAAAH” Honestly it’s just sad. Like really? I’m a Target employee, making my life worse is not possible okay woman but nice try.

-The fucking babies screaming and screaming makes me a LOT more sympathetic with Miss Casey Anthony. I absolutely fucking HATE IT when I work fucking OVERDRIVE to get that stupid mother and her kids out of my lane and she then pays in 1’s/small change or does other shit to slow down the transaction. I think she brought her kids and doesn’t stop them from whining intentionally in the hope that I will just assume she gave me correct change when she’s short.

-The RED cards. We have to ask and ask and ASK no matter what.

-You constantly deal with LODs who, like guests, will go out of their way to fuck with you. Like pull you aside to talk about RED cards or a customer complaint.

-I recently posted all the things cashiers hate :

Check that post out and notice how it’s 999x longer than my “pros” list. I literally go into work thinking “Well today won’t be that bad” then I’m walking up to my register and thinking “fuck I’m gonna be doing this shit for almost 8 fucking hours straight..”

Anyway let me know in the comments section what you do and what you like and/or don’t like about it. I’m looking at cart attendants because I was given the option to be a cashier or a cart attendant when I started working here and I’m wondering if I made the right choice. All positions here suck dick because, well, it’s Target obviously, but which position sucks the least?


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  • viciousdave says:

    I'm cross trained on cashier and cart attendant, but I do cashier as lead position and get cart position once a week. Sometimes more. I don't like it at all. Most people are smooth and easy, "hi, ring up, alright that's $14.95, here's your change $1.05, have a good day." That's the ok part, the part I hate is the stupid guests who are picky as shit. I want that in paper, I want that double bagged, I need double paper bag I gotta take bus, I need that meat seperate bag, I want gift reciept. OMFG, shut the fuck up grab your shit and go home! Than there's that nagging GSTL who is always on your ass about ask every guest for the red card, tell them about the benefits. Blah, I don't care, it doesn't bring people back like your and the corporate leaders think it does. You know why people come back? Because the store is close by, so people come because they want to drive more away. Duh. It's a god damn billion dollar company, for fuck sake take that red card, shine it up real nice and shove it straight up your candy ass! I have one positive though, I met Brock Lesnar once at my Super Target in Minnesota I work at because Brock lives in Northern MN but comes down to metro sometimes to see friends and other family.

    • Silverfox says:

      they should switch issuers with the red card if they are getting that many sign ups. They are with td, a known issuer for ruining credit cards. Heck even the rbc target credit card is a lot better in that it has extended warranty and can be used in target usa. Given the choice of a rbc red card and a td red card, I'll pick the rbc red card any day

  • The_truth09 says:

    I am a a cart attendant,
    1.Not stuck in one spot on a lane all shift
    2.Dont have to worry about GSTL asking about red cards
    3. You can wear shorts
    4. You get those people who insist on giving you a tip.

    1. You are the bitch boy
    2. You are one person but have a million things to do
    3. Have to clean peoples trash
    4. You want to hit people with carts because they wont move from the cart area in the store.
    5. You have to wear that damn vest that hasnt been cleaned in years

  • samielle says:

    I am a cart attendant at a store in Chicago. The only thing I like about this job is the exercise. I hate everything else (except the brand attendant [mid shift CA])


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