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August 4, 2014 - silverblade

let us end hunger…

So the commercials blasting in electronics all the time claim that Target and some band want to end hunger or some bs publicity stunt. I have got a suggestion, how about you fucking pay your employees a little better? You know the people who work their asses off day after day? Such fake ass liars these uppity fucks are, oh and I find it funny how they preach diversity all the time on the tvs yet you are only included in what they consider diverse if you are white or mexican. I just don’t understand how all these moron shoppers stick to targets shit like flies and it don’t stink. If you are shopping at target because you would rather your money go to a better place than walmart then do not fucking shop at target, they are just as bad and if not worse at some stores.

SALES DO NOT MEAN SHIT TO US HARD WORKING EMPLOYEE’S PAYCHECKS, yet we are expected to supply them with endless amounts of shits.

Target has found the field in which once flourished with the fucks that I had to g I ve and properly raped and pillaged it.


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    According to the Borgen Project, a nonprofit that fights hunger and poverty, it would take $30 billion a year to end world hunger.

    Target alone made $21.83 billion in profit last year, whereas Walmart made $118.22 billion. Either company could all but eliminate hunger not just in the states, but worldwide as well (hell, Walmart could do it nearly four times over). And that's just two companies out of thousands making obscene profits every year.

    So why haven't we eliminated world hunger? Why haven't we eliminated poverty? Because to corporations and the wealthy heading them, keeping the poor poor is a method of control. Debt is a powerful manipulator that makes digging out from the bottom a lifelong struggle.

    Fear is another powerful manipulator used these days, hence why learned helplessness is so prominent in low-paying postions. These morons who can only delegate with fear and anger back the rest of us into corners so that we don't feel as though we can escape, even if there's a viable method right in front of us.

    So until we can convince these greedy fucks running this country that our current economic conditions are unsustainable and take some of the power back for ourselves, things will only continue to get worse.

    That's enough politics out of me I suppose.

    Fuck Target. And Walmart. And retail in general.

  • cashier says:

    Idk about the diversity part. At least 1/3 of all the employees working at my store are gay.

  • wink428 says:

    My store is pretty diverse but if you belong to certain race ( which I'd rather say ) your lucky because you'll get the hours and special privilege.
    If your a hard working individual at my store and your Asian expect that you'll get more work load and the expectations from you is different from others lol.
    WORK HARD PAY LESS AND LESS HOURS- this should be Target new slogan
    MILK THE HOURS AND JUST KISS UP TO THE ETL'S MORE HOURS LESS WORK AND MORE PAY - and this one should be included in employee handbook

  • Barytone says:

    Target does wants to end hunger for it's team members…they pay you so little that you qualify for food stamps!

  • spirals73 says:

    It's not the job of corporations to end world hunger. That said, they need to quit bragging about the "good" they do and also pay employees enough that they don't need to be on foods stamps.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      I know it's not their job, but the point is that these corporations could easily end world hunger if they actually cared enough to. But instead they, as you said, brag about the "good" they do and expect all of us who are barely scraping by to fight world hunger in their stead. Gotta keep those profits up and satiate the shareholders who drool at the sight of share increases.


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