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March 3, 2013 - oldtargetdrone

Less Blah-Blah-Blah

What really bothers me about Target is the strange assumptions made by the people who aren’t LODs. You know those irritating people who aren’t a LOD but act like tin-plated dictators?

I’m a victim of the financial downturn who started a new career but still needs more money to make ends meet. I shop at Target and thought I’d like working there. I work in softlines and also cashier. The amount of stupidity and inefficiency is amazing.

The “guests” who blame me when a bag of Pizza Rolls breaks when I touch it, or when the check reader rips their check in two drive me nuts. What’s worse is some snot-nosed, power-hungry dolt telling me “less blah blah blah and more work” when I’m getting my softlines cart organized and passing the time with the fitting room clerk. “Less blah blah blah?” Really? This when I see this person chatting away with her little favorites?

I need to get away from this mess. Well, when I snap and give the snot-nosed dolt my opinion of her limited abilities, I’ll be on my way.


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  • Jonestown says:

    I hope you find a job soon.

    I got lucky and handed in my notice. But then decided to bounce because I really have some not too choice things to say to my former ETL and the other GSTL who, at the age of 19, made a mess out of the entire front end.

    Hold your tongue and when you can bolt.


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