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September 27, 2019 - quittarget

Left Target after doing Hardlines/Salesfloor like a slave

2 years back I joined Target trying to pay back my student loans. Stupid I know, but I was desperate and I just can’t image myself working in Walmart.

Little did I know working as hardlines/salesfloor would literally DRAIN MY SOUL AWAY. This is my list of what I do on a daily basis:


2.Planogram aka Sales Plan

3.Greet every guest I come across

4.Price Change

5. Phone Operator

6. Reshop

7. Backstock

8. Audit/Zone

And the list goes on…

I’m not f*cking THE FLASH! If they wanna hire superheroes they gotta pay us like superheroes. Nope.

Other then working my ass off, it’s even more disheartening to see the AMOUNT OF ASSKISSING that goes on everyday. From what I witness everyday, ETL, STL, and HR exec have developed a system of asskissing and watching eachothers backs. They wont hesitate to throw eachother under the bus in a heart beat either, if it means more ASSKISSING. It may sound harsh but these people only made it to their position with years of manipulation asskissing, and stepping on others.

I am in a better place now. I am still paying off my loans but I quit target and got a job at a new company that helps people quit their jobs.

Anyway the message is GO TO A BETTER PLACE!


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