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December 12, 2019 - Targetsucks13

Lazy management

The Target store I worked for got new management in this last year.. and they are all lazy. We got a new SD recently and she turned out to not only be the laziest most useless human but also a complete bitch. They all complain and bitch about team members not getting things done but they sit in the office all day talking bad about team members instead of helping or trying to make changes.

Before I left or got fired.. not too sure which one it is. I complained about the management to the HR ETL, who was my boss since I was a HR team member and all she did was act as if she cared, told me she wanted me to think about what “she could do to help”. I told her I wanted to put in my resignation because the lack of respect and work from the leadership wasn’t worth the headache and stress for such little pay. She said ok and we set a date that would be my last day. That day I was talking to a previous coworker about why I was leaving on social media and all I said was because I felt SOME of the leadership was lazy and disrespectful and that made it a really sad place to work which is horrible. Never used a single name or even what store # I worked at..nothing.

Well apparently someone I must have on my friends list went and showed my post and I got fired or told not to come back and that my 2 weeks would be put in. Not sure if that means I resigned or I got fired. When I got pulled into the HR office she said she was disappointed and thought it was horrible for me to say stuff like that. I told her it was my opinion about what I thought was the truth but that I never stated who I was talking about or gave any names and had said only some of the leadership. She went on to ask why I felt this way and I told her. When I would ask questions about her response or why things were that way she would beat around the bush or tell me she wasn’t going to debate that with me. Never giving me an answer. She kept trying to act as if I didn’t know the answers to the questions. At the end it made no sense to me on why she “felt” disrespected by me when I didn’t say anything bad to her. But to be honest she is one of the most incompetent HR.. she didn’t know how to do anything. I did all paperwork and hiring events and everything else. The most she did was interviews.

I told her because I complained about management there was already a target on my back. The leadership had been treating me even more disrespectful after I talked to her. And she said that was a lie and that I wasn’t being respectful or “trusting” the system. Made no sense.


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