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December 2, 2015 - awatt

kiss my ass

Worked at target for almost 4 years, since I was 16. In all that time, the only reason I ever got a raise was because walmart decided to pay their employees more. Got called into the office and was asked if I was having any issues with management because I yelled at one of the ETL’s to get me some help after she told me I had to get the carts in the middle of a thunderstorm and then wipe them all down so guests had dry ones on a fucking saturday in the busiest time of the year. She says, “What do you call what ive been doing!?!” Oh yeah thanks for requisitioning some shamwows for me and setting them down by the door, really appreciated it. I spent the last school year on academic leave for my freshman year at college, but do to family problems I needed to change schools to be closer. So I resumed working in the summer, and could not understand how or why I was only getting 15 hours or less a week, when I have been trained as a cashier, cart attendant and in guest service. So I went and got my pharmacy technicians license, the HR took about 2 and a half months to reimburse me for getting my license (it is not cheap) then about another month to, “key my numbers,” into the system. So as school started up again I decide to keep working while going to school, but changed my availability from full time to 25 hrs maximum, and not closing on tuesdays and thursdays because m/w/f are my early days at school. so out of nowhere, as i had struggled to get hours all summer, they decide to schedule me for 38 hours a week on average. So during the summer there were 4 cart attendants including me, I had trained the other 3 at some point, 1 got fired, 1 went back to school away, and 1 left to find a better job. So that left me as the only cart attendant. From then on I very rarely got to work in the pharmacy because I was working 6 days a week as a cart attendant, not that it mattered because i was still paid the exact same wages even as a pharm tech (9.07$—some bull shit right there). I take all of my classes in the morning from 8 to 11, yet they could not get the schedule completely right for even one week this ENTIRE semester, something was always wrong. They would have me working during classes and I would go tell them in as much advance as I possibly could give that i would not be able to be at work at that hour, they’d say they would change it but never did. So most of my coworkers thought I was just some asshole that was showing up an hour or two late and wasn’t getting fired for it. Well I finally just said fuck it and got another job in less than 24hrs at another retail chain, starting at 10.50$ (7.25 is the minimum in my state, or at least it used to be). Don’t continue to be treated like dogshit folks, I would immediately look for another job, one where you’re treated like an adult and not a little child. Lastly, fuck those stupid redcards, some caramel mocha whatever from Starbucks is not incentive, neither is throwing a pie at a manager or making them have to dress up in a stupid outfit or this that, or the other, this isnt a circus or a preschool, get it together target, but seriously



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