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January 2, 2021 - 1monthchump

Just started 20 year old college stud

Was hired in late November as a part-time fulfillment worker at Target, and was trying to get some money for college. Took an online interview and made it in, was a very simple job description. On the first week was supposed to be trained by three different people on three different days. However was only trained the first day, and the other two days the people that were supposed to train me never showed up. So I had to pick up things and learn, thought I was doing well. Had no complaints from customers or coworkers, and asked my team lead if I was doing well, and he said I was. Black Friday and Christmas blows by, was getting 20 hours weeks but saw next week I had 4? It’s late December, I show up that day and my team lead says that the payroll is thin, that it is not performance-based but they are going to let me go. Tells me that today is my last day! I asked was it my performance, he said no. I follow it up with can I reapply, he said maybe in march or another target. I understand that within the first 90 days that they can fire you at any time but at least give me a notice so I can search for other jobs sooner. After leaving that office I realized that Target is led by cunts. They hired me out of convenience for the holidays and large orders, but the moment it calms down they let me go.  I have been in many jobs of my life, but they hired and basically fired me within a month and a half. At least give me a notice!! Also if you are not a full-time worker or trying to work full-time do not even bother to apply. All target wants are 30 years old depressed drones who have nothing going for in their life putting 3o hour weeks, these people hate part-time or seasonal workers.


Hey say it with me, TARGET SUCKS DICK!


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    You were seasonal therefore expendable to that shithole. They don't give a damn if were good or not. All they cared about is you were a warm body willing to do the job. I wish you success with finding a new better place to work than them. And yes Tarshit sucks dicks.


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