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February 28, 2019 - pettyprincess

Joke of a store

So I transferred to this store because we were moving, I was excited for a fresh start instead of my last useless store who treated me like poo. At first it was nice, and it’s like everyone was absolutely rude to me. I transferred as a GSA. The GSTL was excited she didn’t have to train me, but I didn’t know their store and some how that didn’t click with anyone. They threw me in a closing shift and I was lost, I knew what to do but I didn’t. My old store and this was a compete 180 on me and no one understood. I was left closing all confused, and I got a huge backlash from the ETL and I didn’t say anything back. I took it and was hurt but it’s a learning experience… right? It just got worse and worse. The STL and ETL are such bullies and no one says anything, they can say anything they want and no one will bat an eyelash. One time I asked the STL who was LOD if I can leave early, and he didn’t even let me finish my sentence of I can stay til 4 just fine, before he turned around and told me the whole world doesn’t revolve around me and I should’ve called ahead of time and blah blah blah, then rudely asked the reason like… my mom is getting out of the hospital… I stayed til 4 because of how he acted. I hate how I’m being treated and how I get anxiety any time I see the STL or ETL they’ve done nothing but tell me how much of a bad job I’m doing and when I say I wanna quit the HRTL (sweetest person ever and completely understandable) she gets all sad and actually listens to me and doesn’t make me feel like a useless fuck. She’s the main reason why I don’t wanna leave, I’m getting the hang of the store but my gosh let me learn it without you’re help peacefully. I’m gonna quit soon when I find a different place but it’s been tearing me up the two devils.


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