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May 12, 2015 - SoftlinesSucks

It’s review time!!

Review time at Target:

“You’re a great asset to the team. You’re never late, always show up for work and always have a great attitude. I love the work you do. So, overall I rated you inconsistently effective.”

Been working here for 10 years in June. Reviews are always the same every year. They love what you do until its review time. The shit is backwards. How are they gona say they love my work but then rate me inconsistently effective?? Ive never once been rated as outstanding. O well. Tarshit will always be Tarshit. I will walk away happy I got my less than a quarter raise for all my blood and sweat this past year.


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  • TargitInsidah says:

    You got that cause whoever reviewed you is coverin their bootay. Big wigs, district managers, store managers and hard/softline execs are told you can't give a review without something to improve on. If they do, they get in trouble. Its always a case of CYA in Target.


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