Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

September 22, 2014 - hello45


It only took two weeks for me to see the Target that Target really is. Target reminds me of a Stephen King novel.  I just started working there and on the first day the orientation leader contradicted herself. She said we shouldn’t come to work when we are sick but 5 minutes later she said we should be good employees and show up even if were sick. Which is it? I also asked about the  data breach and what to tell the customer if they ask and she said she was over it. Well some of the guests if you want to call them that are not. Later on in the day I caught her giving me a dirty look. That was just the first clue on how fake this company and people are. They play favorites and only engage with employees they want to hang out with. It’s like miserable high school all over again. The training was crap. Threw a book at me and expected me to get the job down in only a few days when they say they give you a 90 day learning period. The orientation video was a waste of time because I’ve already heard two people talk about blow jobs and one higher up complain that new people shouldn’t make what they are making because we don’t know anything. This woman knew I heard her and she screwed up my employee # the next day. Whether she did it on purpose remains a mystery. I’ve also caught a few old people bullying certain employees as well. There’s something wrong with this place and I don’t know ho much longer I can take it. I’ve also walked into the lunch room and heard a snide remark about me and they started whispering and these were supposed to be team leaders. No wonder unions are targeting target. People have to have a law in order for them to treat others with respect which is really sad.


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  • karimoon says:

    Know exactly what you mean. Only 2 weeks after the breach they were already bitching us, flow team members, out at my store for not pushing the REDcard like a bunch of REDcard nazis. They seemed to have no comprehension people just weren't going to trust using the card so soon. People we did suggest it to looked at us like we were crazy, some angry, some scoffed 'uh no i will not be getting one' etc. I'd never seen so many people pull out wads of cash in my life as I did the weeks all the way through Christmas the few times I worked register!
    I felt terrible for those who were mostly cashier employees as they actually fire them over how many of the stupid cards they can get people to sign up for! ABSURD during such a time! Some of my team started joking we'd just hold guns to 'guests' heads & make them sign up for one since it was just so imperative every single body coming through the doors got one that good people needed to be fired over it.

    Bullying by other employees and obvious favoritism, ohh god yes we had that to infinity power. It was mostly a young vs. old thing. The older, mostly all females, had such a problem with us younger people for no reason. We supposedly did everything wrong even if it was the way our own trainer showed us. (side note that my trainer, who's now at another store in the same city, actually told us not to rotate cereal bc it sold quickly & we needed to move faster! I did not listen to her. Funny my last few months that's all we were bitched out for every huddle was rotation of food & how slow we were supposedly going. Even more hysterical is that one time a fellow flow team member saw a customer take food down trying to reach a fresh back item & put it back on the shelf in the wrong order after we'd done the area correctly). They themselves were hypocrites they'd say one thing & do another. Would constantly bitch we were taking breaks for too long when they'd be up in the lunch room for an hour per break working no overtime. They'd eavesdrop on our conversations with each other or customers then run & tell whomever in charge simply because they didn't like what we said. Umm if a product is clearly cheaper at another store or we don't carry it at all, like Target does NOT carry fabric & yarns (i had to tell a fellow crafter & got chided for suggesting a store that did sell them), I'm not going to waste a persons time bullshitting them it's rude & they'd probably be more offended & not return bc I wasn't honest.

    Asked to be trained in other areas.... it took weeks to months for this to happen while their favorite new hires received the training right away & they tried telling me I didn't do enough around the store since I only knew the line, what I applied to do & signed the contractual agreement for upon hire anyways. Needless to say the company isn't color blind the diversity crap in the booklet they sent every now & then is complete crap clearly for government show.

    I quit in February of this year & never looked back, never felt better. When I see the saggy tit douches around town & they try to ask about my life I kindly tell them to f-off as it's none of their business.

  • Silverfox says:

    so target doesn't carry yarn? And they are trying to fill the void left by zellers. hahahaha tarshit. Even the people that used to frequent the location for the yarn can't get them at target now *knows zellers used to carry yarn. Lots of yarn.

  • SusieH says:

    LISTENING INTO YOUR CONVERSATIONS?! SHIT I THOUGHT THAT ONLY HAPPENED WITH ME. It's why I haven't shown up for my shifts. Also, life happened and despite popular belief, that's more important to me.


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