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August 15, 2014 - Flyers000

It eats your soul

I’ve been at my target for 2 years now. When I first started, I Really enjoyed it. (I’m an overnight flow tm). The overnight etls and tls were wonderful. They got their hands dirty just as much as we did. We were motivated to work. Our huddles were informative with things that were important. Our etl told us things she wasn’t supposed to but she cared that much about us. From what I heard the etls before them were just as great. One etl quit after a few months (she found a better job). The other had to rotate out of the store in spring. What we have now is what I call a processing plant. Our bosses don’t care about our well being. The good workers get no help no matter how much work we have. Lazy people wander around with no reprimand. 2700 pc truck with 200 repacks and a team of 12-15 lol. (Because that’s what’s left after callouts). I’m tired at this point. Sickly tired. I’m one of the ones who get put everywhere around the store. I refuse to cross train to backroom because I don’t want to get “stuck” with even more responsibilities.

Our one tl has the amazing capability of doing nothing. I envy that. To be able to run your employees into the ground without lifting a finger. She’s tried with me. Every few months she will try. And every time I rip her apart so she leaves me alone for another few months.

What’s funny is those very few times we didn’t have any available management and left to fend for ourselves. ..we did the job beautifully with no issues. We know what we’re doing. Leave us alone.



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