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September 3, 2017 - RichieDaggar

Is Every Target The Same?

Alright, so I’ve been at Target for almost a year and I’ve observed how my store is ran. It’s like a fucking sorority, but worse. All the TL’s take their breaks at the same time as do the LOD’S and The STL. Which is really fucking annoying. and not to mention that they seem to take breaks a lot, all they do is sit in the god damn TL office and laugh and bitch about how hard their job is. LMAO!!! But in reality, they don’t do SHIT!!!! Meanwhile hardlines is busting ass, losing our minds, and helping dumbass guest just to get shit done. Why do they hire people for leadership when they can’t fucking lead themselves! Getting real sick of this shit.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    My Target was exactly like this. The flow team called them the in crowd. They were always in the offices sitting around chit chatting. They would always take their breaks at the same time. If they happened to actually be doing work they would be swarming together. Most the time they would just be barking orders and acting like everyone actually working wasn't working hard enough or doing their job correctly. I've worked in several retail establishments and I always found it funny how Target had more people in the offices or break areas then actually on the floor working.

  • spirals73 says:

    Our flow team would hang out after shift and clog up the hallways in the very small upstairs break area while chatting. Didn't they have things to do after work, like other jobs?? They only worked 5 hours a day...


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