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July 27, 2019 - outpost31

Intro…..New Cashier

Hello all!  Newish cashier here.    Things have been stressful since I started but have been able to deal with it.  Very limited training, bad training, and throwing me to the wolves way too early on cashier.     However we have a loss prevention guy who has an attitude and started to talk down to me when I first started.   Are loss prevention leads considered supervisors?    This guy got on my case the first week on cashier duties and passively aggressively accused me of being on my phone.  I am old school and hate my cell phone so never on it at work.    I had to take a few weeks off for a very bad family emergency but returning and wondering what at the best ways to handle these strong personalities?   Do I stand my ground and let them know I don’t take crap?   Will that get me in trouble if I do it in a nice way?    Do I just need to take his bullshit and try not to let it get to me?


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