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November 12, 2016 - BBisWatchingAll

Inconsiderate scheduling…

So here I am bitching again. So the schedule for the week of 11/19 has been posted and for the THIRD straight week in a row, I have a closing shift on a Friday (midnight) only to be scheduled again at 8:00-9:00 AM on Saturday! ┬áThis is quite a shitty thing to do based on how many new people they’ve hired in the past month, don’t ya think? I know I signed up for “open availability” because I’m older, have no life, etc. etc., but come on!! Get some of these newbies out there working the crappy shifts. Lord only knows what I’ll get scheduled for the unholy Black Friday weekend.

The kind, humane thing to do is give us at least a 12 hour break between shifts, right? Just frustrated and seems like they’re taking advantage of me. But I would bet money right now that if I were to change my availability to let’s say after 10am, my hours will get cut…

Who wants to wager? Anyone else had this happen? After reading some of the stories out here, I know this seems like a benign problem, but seriously?




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  • poohbear80 says:

    This is very common unfortunately. Happened at my store all the time. My store rarely hired anyone that didn't have open availability, they only gave a break to the people that worked there for years already. The US should follow Canada and require 11 hours not 8 in-between shifts.


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