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August 13, 2016 - lifeoftarget101

I’m sort of nervous

so about a couple of months ago, I was told to come in for back up in the front lane, I went and stayed for an extremely long time.

During this time, a really old friend, who I consider as a cousin and all, comes in my line and we don’t really talk since the store is extremely packed but we talked very short and I rang up something that gave them a 5$ gift card.

i slip the card underneath the pinpad and told them about it, they said I could keep it and that we will talk soon.

I ended up keeping it and using it for food, mind you, I didn’t think nor did I know it would come back up to me months later.

so two days ago, I got called into the hr office, I answered immediately and went as soon as I was done delivering my first red card of the day.

I sat down in the office and my he spoke to me, asking me about my day and about my mom who also works with us but in different position. Then she started asking me if I remembered anything from my orientation and asked about guests leaving items and stuff and soon after, it led to the gift card situation.

i did in fact inform her that I did take it, but only because it was a family member, not just any guest. She told me she saw the tape after they called her and she even said she was surprised that my name came up and that they only tied 2 and 2 together because I used my discount.

i told her that if I had known, I would’ve forced them to take it and that I was extremely sorry that I honestly didn’t know that family members were also included in that sort of thing.

she thought i did it intentionally at first, being that I slid it behind the pinpad almost as if I wanted the costumer to leave it so I can use it. I told her no, I do that with all costumers, and always remind them that their gift card is underneath it. if they did forget it, I’d quickly call them back and hand it to them PERSONALLY.

she asked me if it was becuz I was low on money and if I wanted more hours and I answered honestly, letting her know that I just thought it was okay

she told me that she doubts it will lead to termination and I really want to take her word for it but she said she’d have to partner with someone and see their decision and that she’d let me know within a week.

i then got another red card that day and he saw that and was extremely happy with m but idk

I’ve never had an issue at the store let alone stealing anything, I really didn’t think anything would happen.

she reassured me that most probably it would be a coaching card since it was just 5$ but I don’t know, what do you guys think?

i read a lot of stories from here and know that most have gotten fired but I really need this job and I don’t want to end up unemployed


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  • viciousdave says:

    I would suggest bring your close friend to see the leader with you and let him proove that he let you keep it. It's proof that he is a friend and that he intended for you to have it rather than himself. Proof is the number one thing, so tell the truth and bring the proof.

  • MegaDeathShark says:

    Just let it go, take the coaching and take it as a lesson learned. Don't bring your friend to prove anything until it actually comes down to you having to if you can even have that option, like if they ever call you into the office to have "the talk". Because they might just be under the impression that you're trying to pull some shenanigans. Last but not least, who cares? It's just fucking Target. Even if you need the job, you just need to remember that Target is not the be all end all place.


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