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December 5, 2011 - Shelly

I’m free at last!

I recently got a 5% bonus card from the Pharmacy rewards so I figured what the heck I will shop a little bit while I am in getting our prescriptions.  I really don’t shop there since they changed the rewards program from 15% bonuses you got when you spend a certain amount on the Red Card to this 5% crap, plus now I can’t use the cash off on our prescriptions anymore like I used to be able to.  Well, while we were in the store I looked at a Food Saver but my husbands back was hurting so I told him what the Target employees have been telling me all along, the card is good all day and I can use it on line.  So we checked out, the cashier gave me the discount card back and sure enough told me “its good all day and you can use it on line”.  Well that very evening I put the Food Saver in my virtual cart at and put in the 5% code on the back and poof, nothing happens.  I called Target and promptly got to talk to someone in India who instead of telling me the stupid card was not good on line, made me get my glasses and read the grey tiny print on the back, about 2/3 of the way down it says discount not good at  REALLY?!?!  I told the guy that was too bad and Target just lost a sale since I could find it cheaper at Amazon if I didn’t have the coupon.  He just said oh, sorry to hear that, is there anything else I can do for you?  Ummmmm nope I think that about covered it.  I cut up my red card visa and will not shop Target again.  I get better rewards with my American Express, Delta Visa or even Discover.  I feel so liberated! 🙂


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