Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 12, 2015 - melodiox

I’ll give some of my two cents…

I just found this website today after coming home from work… let’s guess… target. Anyways it’s awesome to hear your stories and everything although I have noticed how very different the target I work at is a bit different. I would start of by saying, hell the fuck yeah I hate working at target. What department am I in you may ask? SOFTLINES. Yes softlines, *sigh* I would start off by also saying that I hate guests, mostly the old bitchy know it all people. If you’ve had experience in softlines it’s a fucking headache. Customers always putting clothes where they are not supposed to be, like is it so fucking hard to put clothes in there hangers rather than leaving them on top of the rack?? Oh mostly when they look at clothes and then some clothes ends up falling from the hangers and they don’t pick it up! UGH. I hate softlines all together and doing go backs. Go backs are a pain in the ass. I’ve been working here sicne the end of Oct. and regret it. The only reason I’m sticking to the damn job is because I want one year of experience in the retail area because this is my first job. Either way, I have three team leaders and two of them that can suck ma butt because one of them is always on you and wanting you do do this and that and this and that like BITCH I only have two feet and two legs, I can’t be doing go backs, pulling cavs and answering back ups and you want me to do more when I’m not even half way finished with my big rack of go backs. Needless to say, I do work at a target where you don’t get yelled at, if you call out nothing is said, if a customer complains about yo ass still nothing is said to you (reason being I had an old lady talk to the fucking manager because she said that my department was a mess, BITCH the fuck do you know about retail life and how god damn hard it is to pick up everything off the floor when customers like you throw shit on the floor mostly if it’s a damn busy day) either way nothing was said to me. No one goes into no one’s office to get shitted on and those may be the only pro’s of working there, oh and you can pass over the 15 minute breaks if your team leader doesn’t check up on you . That’s my story.


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  • littlebigtarget says:

    I've found that they always want more. I was pushing 7 red cards out of a 25 hour week, one of the best cashiers. They still told me I needed to get more and that the store wasn't green. I now get one or two out of the same hours and I get talked to the same amount. You're probably doing just fine.


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