Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

April 21, 2018 - Miss.Unknown20

I wouldn’t give my worst enemy this job.

When I started working at Target it was nice. Not too bad of people, Managers were warm and friendly and everyone always acknowledged you, now after working there for a year and a half they make you feel invisible and not known to anyone. Unless you get the LOVELY REDCARD! Which is such bull because you don’t get credit for it at all and all you get is a shout out and nothing more which isn’t encouraging at all but since the pay wage went up I feel like I have to stay because if I go somewhere else which I would LOVE I would be stuck with $10.50 an hour compared to $12! UGH TARGET NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER AND MAKE PEOPLE FEEL NOT TRAPPED AND FEEL OK TO COME TO WORK AND JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE “GUESTS” NOT WORK BULL!!!


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I just quit Target a few months ago. They raised me up to $11/hour. That's the same as everyone is going to be starting there is going to get paid. I was there for almost 15 years and I deserve more than that. I refuse to let them treat me like shit and not pay me that much.

  • EllieKatieCat says:

    Honestly, your mental health and sanity might be worth a slight pay cut. I'm looking for something else; working 38 hours for months and then getting cut down to 16 (when several people who started AFTER me did not have their hours chopped in half) just isn't working for me. I'm looking for something with more stable hours. True, it might mean a slight hourly pay cut, but I may be able to get the hours needed to make up for it, and a more stable schedule may mean extra free time to take on some supplemental work. It's a lot easier to take on a part-time and/or temporary job when you can tell an employer a set availability because your hours are stable. I can't even take on a second job with Target because they took my steady 4/5am-12/1/1:30pm shifts and decided to give me shifts that are all over the place.


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