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May 7, 2016 - Iris

I was terminated… why exactly?

So, I made it through two months of the job basically. I knew I wasn’t gonna stay there long, really, but I never expected it to end… quite the way it did.

I typically try my best to learn from mistakes that I make. To understand what’s wrong and not to do it again.

Well, apparently, my ETL’s don’t think like that.

I worked a friday shift, 4PM until 11PM closing. I do cashier work over there, and once I finally got home, I headed into bed… to get ready for my opening shift at 8AM to 4PM. Ugh, rough. Worse yet, I have insomnia, and it struck that night too, though, that’s not really Target’s fault. But still, it was a shitty time to be scheduled.

So, I wake up, try to get my act together and get to work, ringing up guests, being fast, efficient, while also asking for redcards just to try to appease the demons. Anyway… I work and work, all the way until 3:30Pm where my ETL comes up, turns my light off, and says to go to his office once I’m done ringing up the last guest in my lane. I didn’t really think too much of it, so I finish up, and head on over.

They told me that since I was within the 90 day probation, that they decided they were going to let me go.

That’s it.

I tried asking them if there was anything I did that was wrong, or whatever, and he simply told me that I had a guest send a complaint in.

I tried to dig a little deeper and figure out what the hell was wrong, and apparently, a guest got home, and noticed their eggs were broken, so they used the survey to complain about me.

I had never broken eggs bagging before, and I ALWAYS put eggs in a bag by themselves, take it carefully off the bag holder, and let the guest know what’s inside so they can take precautions.

Even still, it was the first I heard of this complaining over eggs, and the fact I was terminated for this, was… less than uplifting.

I know a lot of other cashiers on this site have issues with their GSTL’s, but oh my goodness, the ones at my store are GREAT. Easy to get along with, chatty, and seem like they actually care about your performance…

Anyway, I bring this up because: I was told to turn in my badge, and my discount card, then to clock out, and I’d recieve my final paycheck either in the mail, or through direct deposit. I nod, quietly hand over my name badge and card, and head over to the clock.

I clock out, and turn to see a GSTL of mine walking in, noticing I was heading out, cheerfully wishing me a good day, like nothing was wrong.

And I’ve always pestered them about making sure I was doing everything right. Always tried making sure that I was okay with what was expected of me. They knew that, and weren’t afraid to give me advice to improve myself. At the time, I thought nothing of it, but as I walked into the door and got into my car, I just bursted into tears. They had to have been lying, or making something up. They probably were just hiring people on and dropping them to avoid being forced to commit to certain things, or whatever. The fact that I was never told of this complaint, or reprimanded for it… The fact that my GSTL who had been more than willing to tell me what could be improved when I asked, the fact that they heard of no such complaint… it just screamed out that it was fishy to me. But what could I do really? I had been terminated already, and from what I saw… I just didn’t feel up to really challanging it and trying to get my job back.

Well, whatever. What’s done is done. Heartwrenching as it was. I’ll probably look into the CocaCola Call center that’s nearby my area, see if I can’t get something more business to business anyway. Guests suck in general. And one in particular REALLY sucks if my ETL wasn’t lying to me.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Most states they can fire you with or without cause as long as their consistent and treat all situations the same. If that's the reason they told you, then you could in theory fight it if they don't fire others for similar complaints. By telling you it was 1 complaint about eggs, that sets a precedent for how they should fire others. If you can prove their not doing that, you can sue them easily and win. Obviously that's not the real reason they fired you, but seeing how they cited that as the only reason you have them pinned. I myself was fired from a store after 6 years with them for multiple guest complaints, all which were falsified. Unemployement called them out on that BS when they could not provide any evidence to such complaints. People like to complain, some people are just down right unreasonable and are looking to ruin others days because they're miserable. A good employer would know that, Target is not a good employer.

  • texastargetsucks says:

    dont worry about it. Target sucks. be glad you got out of there so quickly. keep your head up because I know, and you should also know it wasnt your fault. some management sucks, and are very shady.

  • deathmetal says:

    This is why there should be more of a socialist approach by labor laws in this country, the employers have too much advantage over employees.

  • poohbear80 says:

    I go to plenty of stores and the eggs are broken on the shelf. Like the previous poster said I think something else was going on and it was lousy of them not to tell you. They did you a favor though do not work at Target.


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