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May 11, 2013 - wacko1598

I think they’re trying to fire me Part 2

So in continuation of my previous post just recently I got called in and accused for a having two no call no shows.  When I was told this I immediately ask what day the second one was on cause I remember the first one cause I ended up showing up at the time I was supposed to be leaving for that shift due to putting in the wrong time on my phone by accident and if I missed a day I surely would have heard about it the next day I worked.  Turns out the second one was on a day that I actually did work and I remember working that day too cause they had called me a few hours before my shift to see if I could come in the next day and then called me again an hour later telling me they didn’t need me to come in the next day anymore.  That was also the day before our store had a visit from the DM and I remember the LOD that night complimented me on how good my zone was.  During the time we’re waiting to get a confirmation that I did work that day the TL I was talking to dropped this lovely little line to me when I asked why they wouldn’t have called me, “While some TLs or LODs might call to see where some one is at sometimes, that is not my responsibility.”  What little faith I had in this stores management was instantly lost when I heard this.

So after I crushed there case against me for the no call the little meeting turned into another chat about how I’m not responding on the walkie enough and that I’m not showing a sense of urgency with pulls, reshop, and zoning.  The second she said I wasn’t talking on the walkie I immediately snapped at her explaining all the reasons why it seems like I’m not responding due to getting walked over and them responding before I can.  What was really great was after I snapped she was completely shocked by it cause normally I’m pretty laid back and aloof but seeing her reaction was priceless.  So after saying that she tells me “well what you should do then is say Hey I’m on my way up.  Sorry I couldn’t responded quick enough.”  I just gave a death stare after she said that cause that was the biggest load of shit I had ever heard come from someones mouth.

After my little snap our ETL happened to show up with the info that I did work the day in question and proceeded to stick around so they could try and double team me since I was putting up a fight and not being a good submissive employee.  I got to the point that they were using the night before as a basis as to why I’m not doing a good job of to which the night before they had me working in our market area which has Pfresh  due to a call off and I normally(never) don’t work market so of course I wasn’t going to be as efficient as I could be since I had to QMOS/CALL the produce and shit which I have little experience in AND it was a Saturday so there was the add takedown to do too which was a shit load to do in that area.  But of course that doesn’t matter since the people who normally work market can easily get it down in a timely manner and the  ETL help take down SOME(she made it sound like she take down the bulk of it) of the ads.  Eventually in got to the point that they were trying to run me in circles to get me to give in to which I did cause if it were to go on any further insults would have started to fly and I’d be with out a job sooner then I’d liked to be.

So yeah.  I imagine my review coming up will be filled with lovely endearing words of how great an employee I am and how I’m doing such a good job.  And I suspect another corrective action coming up soon due to me standing up for myself.


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  • quitters_win says:

    I hate my fucking STL and ETL so fucking badly that I want to hurt them for real. I can't believe the way they were treating me. Karma is a bitch. I'll get my revenge.


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