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September 8, 2019 - JustMakingAnAccountToPostThis

I quit my job today! My LOD’s reaction was unbelievable.

I’m on mobile, so sorry for formatting (if that even applies?)

I started working in target back about 3 months ago. This job was not intended to be permanent. AT ALL. I was applying for government jobs and by the grace of all that is holy finally got an interview and a job. I went to put in my two weeks today and my LOD told me she wanted to “check the schedule” two weeks ahead. At this point I’m confused but I let her check it. She then informs me that I work a Saturday that’s 2 weeks and one day from now. Confused again, I say “Ok, and?” She says I cannot quit because the schedule is already written, but not posted. I look at her with the most disgusting look on my face. Proceed to tell her that I’m still quitting and I’m putting in my two weeks TODAY. She again says “Well, I guess you’ll have to call in.” W H A T ? Why the fuck would I have to call in. I’m QUITTING. I told her “I guess I will then, because I’m not working the weekend, I start my job on that following Monday.” She replies, “FINE! I’ll take you off and I guess we’ll just figure something out!”

Sorry to make you do your job! Bitch! Have fun working at Tarshit.


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