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October 19, 2016 - Elizabethannattarjay

I pee too much

I have worked at a Target, somewhere in the world for a year. I started out in a stocking position I hated. It was a seasonal job, I had another shitty job at A well known Italian restruant. Eventually I got moved to a new area, once I figured it out… I fell in love. I tumbled ass over tea cup, I adored this job.

Skip from hate to starstruck adoration, and then to a few weeks ago.. I was stocking the shelves in my section and had just come back from the restroom. Being a petite 22 year old female, I pee often. Being a petite 22 year old female who has been sexually assaulted as child.. I really pee often. Due to working faster than most of my elderly coworkers it wasn’t a problem until a particular LOD thought it was. We’ll call him Insensitive Bastard or IB for short. IB pulls me aside, I’m thinking it’s about my schedule, concern over my recent hospital visit, or maybe the fact my grandfather just passed. Sadly as I’m sure you’ve assessed, none of these are the reason. He told me word for word “you USD the bathroom an awful lot, now I don’t know what you’re doing in there, but if you don’t have a reason you’re going to be fired.” I have never bawled my eyes out at work, not when I was bullied by other employees, not when 7 people I knew had died with 2.5 months.. I sobbed, I was confused, my stomach felt sick, he just continued to demand an answer. He asked if I was pregnant or had an eating disorder, he threatened my job again and again. Finally I caved. I told him about the incedent when I was 11, it had led to long term damage. It can’t be fixed at this point. While I still have a job, my PTSD is back and screaming. I have nightmares I haven’t had since I was a child… While I can genuinely say some of my managers are great.. I can say some of them are evil. Insensitive Bastard later that day, let’s me know he has to tell my other Lod’s, and our store manager. And then tells me I have to bring in a note from a doctor confirming my issue. In all the years I’ve worked no employer has ever commented on my bathroom usage. Not my first job I was at for 3 years, not my second job I worked for 9 months, not my Target job until that moment. A family friend is an attorney and told me I could sue, the doctor I got my note from said the same.. Lucky for Target I like my job, but I have anonymously written corporate about IB. Hopefully he is fired. I only plan to work 1.5 more years before my business is established anyway. Has anyone else had this experience though?


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  • targetcar says:

    Ya, this is NOT ok. He has a right to comment on your frequent bathroom use and just make sure you are ok to to see if you need anything. He could also tell you to let somebody know before you go to the bathroom just so that you don't disappear, but under no circumstance is he allowed to go rouge and tell the other LODS and STL that information OR demand a drs note. Not ok. Not allowed.

  • Fuckthishellhole says:

    I swear I have the same gsa who acts like my high school teacher. She says "you should do that before you get here"

  • WorstJobEver2012 says:

    Very similar situation transpired at the distribution center T587. A shifty little GL used his previous posting as an assets protection GL to time bathroom breaks and then corner the people he timed later. We'll call him Kirk. He had the full support of upper management untill OSHA was called on the issue and then he was thrown to wolves. Fast forward ahead about 4 months and no more Kirk. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving ahole. After he was gone, all the building's morale issues were blamed on him. Just the way it works there. Lut the lunacy continue...


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