Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 18, 2014 - hashketchum

I might be the dumbest person alive. If you want to work for this company, think again. If you’ve escaped, stay far, far away. Don’t be like me!

The Target is on my back…again.

I’m back working for this POS company, but at a different store about 15 minutes away from the first one. I did it out of pure desperation, but as soon as I started, I realized what a terrible mistake I had just made.

I quit Target in September 2013 to take a student job at my school. I held that job until school let out in May. I knew that my gig was temporary, so I had been looking for a summer job since March. Wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find a job for months. With another school year and tuition payments looming, as well as watching a perfectly good summer sink into the abyss that were my empty pockets, I cracked. My first day back in the red and khakis was July 9. I am back where it all started for me in 2010:  the overnight. This time I’m on the backroom team, but let me tell you that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This place is a hellhole, too. It’s just a smaller hellhole.

As the overnight backroom team, our job is to be the rug. We are the rug that the flow team (I call them the slow team) sweeps their mess under on a nightly basis. They’re all disorganized. They send too many people to areas that don’t need it, and don’t have enough people in areas that could use them. We think we’re done backstocking a certain area only to get another pallet of backstock just as the sun comes up. Even when they do it right, the flow team people have this mentality that they don’t have to work as fast when they have more help. When that happens, they don’t finish the jobs they should. When it’s time for all of them to leave at 6:30, we get bombed with all of their leftovers. It doesn’t matter that it could possibly be pushed. We have to put it away. If we get a truck of 2500 pieces, tell me how the team of 5 can backstock 1300 of it, while the team of almost 17 or 18 cant finish 1200 of it. And yet and still we have defied the odds numerous times. We left the backroom spotless even in the bleakest of situations.

Oh, and I love the fact that the scheduling blunders happen at this store, too. They changed over to that MyTime system. My availability was agreed upon when I started, but this week, they messed up and scheduled me on an unavailable day. Apparently as a new hire, my availability doesn’t matter while I’m on my 90 days. HR says that the MyTime system has me locked in with an open availability and can generate any schedule for me as long as the hours are overnight. That’s complete crap because my availability has been honored by the system every week I’ve been here except for my first full week and this one. Someone is screwing with me.

It’s just like I remember it. The effort you put forth is often wasted. The majority of your teammates are below average performers, the daytime ETLs are stupid, all TLs are worthless, The HR staff likes to throw monkey wrenches, and the LOD really thinks you’re going to extend an extra hour just to make them look good. Sorry, but I don’t care about you, and my time isn’t worth the extra $8.60 I would make (after taxes).

Ah yes, it’s good to be back…



…unless it’s not.


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  • Silverfox says:

    good luck, and keep on searching for another job.

    There is a chinese proverb that comes to mind. Riding a cow while looking for a horse. Your cow is your target job and your horse is job that's anywhere but target.

  • Flyers000 says:

    The my time thing has been screwing up schedules everywhere. Every time they try something new it's horrible.
    As a flow team member (I usually don't get help unless I'm bombed) I always try to help by getting my backstock to backroom as soon as I can and completely organized in the three tiers. I hate when people just throw everything in and make it worse. Likewise they do the same for me and send pulls to me that are sorted neatly.
    Our backroom team gets killed nearly every night by slow people too. The worst though isn't from flow. It's from day side. They do not backstock all day (they actually say it's an option during the So they always walk into a disaster area. Pallets of mixed repacks, plano team garbage, etc. They don't do most of their pulls so it falls on us. And when they actually do a pull, half the time they just take it out of the wacos without using a pda. All the errors also fall on overnight.
    I get my backstock to the backroom around 5:15 every day no matter how much I have. And I usually have the worst area. I know what you mean about people sending stuff back really late. I work with people who actually just leave their stuff on the floor and walk out the door. So their backstock has to be hunted down .


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