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August 6, 2013 - cihysfstfu

I heard of the Lawsuit letters in the mail T1846

I myself haven’t received one “yet”. From what I hear it’s regarding coachings/corrective actions and all types of write up regarding absences. Our store can care less about your infant child being sick, our taking care of a sick elderly parent, or us being in the hospital with serious health conditions. Regardless of the reason or situation you might be going through eventually you’ll end up getting written up for it.

You can technically miss 3 days in a three month period without getting harassed about your call outs. Once again if it was fair across the board then it’s ok but when “certain” people miss work for whatever reason it’s perfectly okay and the world stops for them. But when others call out they get treated like shit and their hours are cut.

Its so unfair! So apparently there are a lot of team members at my store that have received this letter in the mail regarding a huge lawsuit here in California regarding all this mistreatment. I’m glad someone took the initiative to do something about it.

Everyone is terrified to speak up in fear or retaliation. But I’m glad someone finally did it.

I’m hoping to get a letter myself and I hope a lot of us get one actually. I’m happy for those who have a received one!

Thank you to whoever took the initiative to get this lawsuit going!


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