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August 20, 2018 - FuckaredCard


I’ve been working at tarshit for about a month . At my second interview I could tell that the bitch who was interviewing me didn’t like me. I feel like she didn’t want to hire me and wasnt going to but something happened so she ended up resorting to me. I originally applied for sales floor position. I hate being a cashier so bad I get depressed just thinking about it. I stay up more than sleep so the time won’t go by as fast and  I’ll have to go to work again. I get depressed about customers and how rude they are. This one old ass bitch came thru my line and her total was 59.95. she only gave me $50 and I counted several times to make sure I was correct…and I was! I told her she only gave me 50 and she said ” I thought I gave u 59″ she had a complete rude ass attitude and her whole demeanor was just so negative. She had so much negative energy. So she snapped her hand out at me to hand her the cash so she could count it herself. I gave her the money and let her count and it seems she got even more irritated when she found out I was right and she did give me only 50. It was almost like she hated being wrong. So she reached to her daughter to give her more money and she gave me a new amount. I started to count the money and she started to complain cause I was trying to take my time and count the money. “What’s wrong now ??!!” She said in a upset voice. As all cashiers Know, we must count everything we’re handed. Never take a customer’s word for it when they try to tell u how much they gave u. COUNT IT YOURSELF because it will be your drawer that comes up bad at the end of the day if u make any mistakes. So as I’m TRYING to do this she’s getting a so impatient and upset which is making me very NERVOUS as I’m trying to count the money. So I made a mistake and said it was 60 something dollars because she kept rushing me and making me nervous as I’m counting because not only am I thinking about counting, I’m now thinking about how rude this bitch is being to me and I’m trying to hold back my attitude. So how TF can I focus?????????? She got mad and snatched the money out my hand ” give me the money snd i will count it the RIGHT way”. She counts it & yes I was wrong but I only messed up because the fucking bitch kept rushing me and giving me negative energy. So I said ok and completed the transaction and sent her bitchy ass on her way. She then proceeded to talk shit about me on her way out. Fuck that bitch !!!! I’m sick of this fuckin job.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I bet the manager went down your throat also. It does not matter that the customer already went down your throat when she gave you only $50 when her total was $59.
    One time at the cafe, the customer wanted fresh popcorn. I told the customer that the bag you see is just a display. She started to snap and said will you please give me a mother fucken fresh popcorn. I said that's just a display' you'll get fresh popcorn. The customer behind her said that I was trying to say that she'll get fresh popcorn. Then she turned around and threatened him. The next customer said you better give me my cup before this lady meets me out in the parking lot. I had to hold myself back because I was about to explode. My body was shaking I was so pissed off. Then the manager got all over me for being rude to the customer. I got all on her back and said look, I'm a human being and I don't deserve to be treated like that!!! We are all human beings we are your team members and we deserve respect also. I brought my lunch to work that day. I was so pissed that I went to Chickfila to eat my lunch. You don't yell at your cashier if the customer is being rude if something's going wrong. If you get a complaint you suppose to talk to the cashier about it.

  • Silverfox says:

    Nothing serious I've gotten in trouble so many times it isn't funny. As long as you don't do major screw ups they won't get rid of you.

    As a cashier you need to grow a thick skin otherwise you cant deal with the nasties.


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