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September 26, 2013 - TargetSucks

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it when Target hires new cashiers and sales floor team and rush train train them leaving them to fail. I hate it. I hate it when Target puts a new ETL G.E in place and they do not know how to help a guest sign up on the register for a red card! Are you fucking kidding me? I hate how the cart attendants get overused and abuse and tossed around especially during summer time and all the etl’s must think they are too grand to help out cleaning the rest rooms. I hate it when hard working and productive team members get overlooked around review time but the lazy ass kissers get the better raises. I hate it when Target demonizes, harrasses and stresses out its team members with the red card card but they are always an epic fail when it comes to fixing the bad morale in their stores. Ever notice that when the etl’s unwillingly get on the registers to help with back ups, that they almost never ask the guests to apply for a red card but they will jump all over your ass if they do not hear us asking or getting guests to sign up? I hate it when the stl is not fair in holding the etl’s accountable for their performance. I hate it when Target keeps passing around support team members around the store instead of managing them out during their 90 days! Scary HR! I hate it when there is only one team member scheduled on softlines and only one in hard lines but the leader on duty finds time to be missing in action! Lazy phucks! I hate it i hate it! I hate it when senior management is unfair in holding the team accountable for conduct or performance when they are not leading by example themselves. If ETL’s and the STL had to punch the time clock like hourly team members then Target would be see that attendance and punctuality issues with their executive staff. I hate it when there are not enough or little or no equipment to do the job or communicate with the team-walkie and pda issues! I hate it! I hate it how HR or whomever is making the schedule ┬ájust cannot seem to get the schedule right! I hate it when you are at starbucks and you cannot find a trained team member to relieve you for a break or lunch!! I TOTALLY HATE working constantly in an environment where the store is hot, where team members and guests alike are complaining and frustrated and Target doesn’t give a Phuck about us! I hate it when you come to work only to be told to work only 3 hours because the store had to adjust hours to make payroll. So we wasted gas to come in for a measly 3 hours! I hate it when the etl’s get the vibe confuse with policy in supporting the team members. I hate it! I hate how disconnected the etl’s are when the stl is not around. They show their true colors because they actually do not care. Fast, Fun, Friendly my ass, more like Fake, Fucked and Fake! It is as if senior management does not care anymore in lots of these stores! What is the phucking problem? The morale in the stores has literally went down the rabbit hole. I hate it how Target paints this fake picture as if they are a preferred choice of place to work when at its core they are not taking care of US, the team members.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Makes you feel any better, I stood up to to a GSTL one night and told here to tell STL, store manager, what I said. I said, don't push the red cards on us, Target the company makes billions of dollars a year, guests hate it when I ask and just say no or even hell no and when I offer the debit, they say no also because they just don't want to waste time on the screen with the questions or they are against invasion of privacy by Target into there bank accounts. I've told the GSTL that Target needs to be for the people, our guests and for the employees, to be a successful business, don't push the cards on them, they don't want that, and it's pushing some away because they hate that we push it on them. Target doesn't understand shit, when you make daily sales per store of over $15,000 at my Target I work at, holly shit, that's tons, more than expected, it's more than we were focused on getting, so we passed the records for today, red cards are not needed, they are pushing our guests away, not in.

  • FuckT says:

    Yeah since the vibe started Ive noticed that the morale at our store has gone even lower than before...I cannot wait to leave this sinking ship

    • Overheated says:

      And "brand". They use this brand thing to accuse you of literally nothing. "You're not being brand." That's not the even the correct usage of the noun..

  • Junip says:

    I got coached today because I was "vibing" with guests and I am "red" in red card conversion. I said out of every ten people 3 already have the damn card, 2 are paying with food stamps, 2 are using a real credit card that gives them free shit like airlines miles, cash back, and rewards points and the other 3 pay with cash or their debit card. That gives me a 3/10 chance of getting a red card for every ten people.

    My ETL-GE came up with the great plan of advertising the CREDIT CARD as no-fee. Her logic is that if you play it off, there are no fees. I told her a lot of people don't pay off their credit card each month and she said then they should already know about the interest rates. My store serves a lot of low income families and immigrants who don't necessarily understand how credit cards work and when you tell them there are no fees they are going to believe you and not look at the fine print.

    I thought about reporting this to BBB.

    • yeahright says:

      If your ETL-GE is asking you to essentially lie to guests, that's definitely worth mentioning. All that's going to come from lying to guests about how Redcards work is a lot of anger from them and I'm pretty sure you'd end up getting blamed for it, even it if was your ETL-GE's idea.


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