Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 4, 2021 - zemjiba

I guess it’s time i add my story with tarshit

First off, thank you to whoever made this, and for all of the wonderful posts, seeing what I saw. An absolute shit company, run by greedy, unintelligent Neanderthals, but I digress.

I was hired as a closing team leader. I was there for two years. From what I was told it was a fairly new position, and one the store hadn’t had before. At first they wanted me to train at a neighbor store. I guess I understand that to a certain extent, but I assume every store, and every STL run it differently. So having me train with someone I won’t ever see, and at a store that isn’t my home store seems a bit counterintuitive.  Like with most posts I’ve read the early stages weren’t bad. Things seemed to be going somewhat well. However, as a closing team leader I was essentially the STL when he, or the etl’s weren’t there. (we only had 2 at my store etl HR/ETL GM/food) I had to do wayy more than I was capable with the team I had (basically no one) nor was I paid for all the work I did. The same shit everyone else on here knows about. There were many days that contributed to it, but I can remember one in particular. Fulfillment was blowing up (what else is fucking new?) so I needed to jump into flexes, and normal batches. So I’m busting my ass trying to get us caught up on flexes, because of course the workers they hired were terrible, and useless, and what do I see as I’m taking the order to drop off? BOTH OF MY GSTL’S AND TWO CASHIERS HAVING A FUCKING PICNIC AT SCO. So no one knows me, but I’m someone who doesn’t take that shit, and I will say something. Not trying to be cool, or brag, just how I am, fuck that kind of shit. So I go to my ELT HR and of course as many have already written, she was no fucking help at all. My SD was friends with her, and absolutely treated the woman better, like noticeably ( I wonder why, hmm?)  he tried telling me she works, and gets carts to which I said maybe sometimes? But there were times where BOTH my GSTL’S were standing around and I still got called to go get carts, fuck the weather, or my one for ones that I had to pull. I’m sorry GSTL’S on here, I’m sure most of you actually worked but my GSTLS were fucking garbage didn’t do shit, cursed in front of guests, were rude and they were REWARDED FOR IT! I did more work than the ETL gm and probably even the SD, and I was treated like shit , because I’m not a sheep, and actually stick up for myself and the other workers who feel slighted, but don’t have the courage to speak up because of the fear they put in you. Well fuck that shit, I’ll push back every time, and that’s what I did. Believe it, or not i didn’t get fired for pushing back, although I’m sure it added to it. Why does this person get paid this, when they do less than me? No answer.  Why do I get yelled at when I’m ALONE AT NIGHT, but the gstl who has a partner doesn’t get in trouble at all? Bias much? i mean it was absolutely absurd how dumb my managers were. Totally incompetent, but they thought they were intelligent, and good leaders. I’m sorry I’ll debate this with anyone, GOOD LEADERS DONT SIT ON IVORY TOWERS AND BARK ORDERS. Good leaders, are on the “battlefield” with their team and lead them by supporting them, and building them up, not bringing them down. So many sheep who work there, good little boys and girls who do what their “superiors” tell them. All of the questions I asked were legitimate questions, and I never once got an answer, I suspect because they didn’t have a good one. How does a GSTL who stands there and doesn’t do anything get paid more, and a bigger raise than a closing team lead who has to close ALONE (the latest another tl was there was like 530-6) and do WAYYYYYY more than gstls. i never saw a gstl, or VMTL do a guest carryout, or jump into fulfillment, or cover someone’s break. Now i know someone might say “well they can’t leave the front” and ok sure, but at night I would have to be in 12 places at once and deal with front end issues, sooooooooo not valid? That company is so fucking greedy, and run so poorly I don’t understand how more people don’t leave there, but then again A LOT of people are sheep these days. I learned they don’t pay out vaca time. I’m sorry I didn’t use it more? Like fuck that company they made $94 billion dollars last year, record year, and they give us 5-10 cent raises (well the guys at least) and the females get 70 cents? again BIAS MUCH? How can you not payout vaca time, so fucking greedy. I worked for those hours, least you could do is pay me what I’m owed.  The whole idea of “flat pay” is alright, but the positions at target are not equal. I won’t get into which ones I think are less, because I don’t want to offend anyone (although I already might have?) but yea ubiquitous pay is another dumb idea, thought up from dumb people.  There’s more I could add, but I think most people get the idea. Target is shit!


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    You certainly don't need to tell me. I know that it's shit and treats people like shit.

  • Silverfox says:

    They don't have anyone in front end, you get shit. The front end is the last line of defense against theft. Stop dissing the front end. You could ask the gstl if she has any spare bodies for you to borrow if it's not busy at the front. Someone has to be there. That's what my closing manager does. He asks if it's not busy can he borrow bodies to help him with stuff.

  • Silverfox says:

    And front end deserves the raise considering the crap they deal with from entitled karens. Maybe they were de-stressing from dealing with a Karen customer? You the guys can go hide in the back from a Karen. Front end can't. They can't leave the front unattended.


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