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May 10, 2021 - myobeselife

I felt like I lost myself

I worked at Target for about 3 years. I started as a hardlines tm, busted my ass, did good work. My TL’s loved me and always hyped me up for moving forward and making a career of it. I decided to join on with the over night crew to help with our store remodel and near the end of that I was approached about becoming a GSA when I moved back to day time. It came with a tiny little raise so I went for it. During that year as a GSA I made a lot of friends at the store and was able to learn and do a lot. Got little prizes from the SD and HR ETL for hard work and getting things running smooth. We had an absolutely wonderful front end ETL at the time and we all loved her. She was hated by the other ETL’s and the SD at the time. Eventually they were able to get rid of her, I dont know the reason why, and replaced her with one of their little fake clones. In order to make sure I kept my job I went along with the plans that our new ETL was putting in place. All my old friends turned on me even though I didnt treat them any different from before, just had to go along with new policies. That really hurt but I got the opportunity to move into a SETL position at another store and took it to get away from the bad vibes, and I needed the money(fyi not enough but more than I was getting). At my new store I busted my ass even harder than before. It was a lower volume store but with lower volume comes less tm’s scheduled meaning more work to be done. We didnt have an ETL for the front end either which meant even more responsibilities were placed on us that shouldnt have been. I had a TL partner for about a month or so until she got into a car accident and never came back. I ended up running the whole front end by myself for about 6 months. It was very stressful and way more than one person should be in charge of. At the same time we were going through SD’s like nobodies business. Every 2 months was a new SD and for the first couple months I was there we didnt even have an SD. They split the job between all the ETLs. After working as the SETL for about 8 months they finally brought in an ETL for me. Fresh out if college, no retail experience. I pretty much had to teach her how to do her job. After a little while she is able to hire on a new partner for me. Great guy, we got along well. Our ETL didnt handle guests well and had a decent amount of confrontations that I had to help step in and mitigate. She was hated by my front end team and was rather ineffective in her management style. Mainly just stayed in the back with the new SD and didnt ever really come out to the floor to help if we were really backed up or anything. Cut to my breaking point. I have a guest trying to split his transaction up in a way to take advantage of the gift card offerings through Target Circle. I go over to stop the transaction and inform him it’s against our policies to do that as I had been trained that that was the case. He immediately goes into me telling me that I am being racist and that I’m only not letting him do it because he was a well dressed black man. Like what? He goes on to make a large scene about it and then I go to get the hardlines ETL to back me up since she was the only other manager there at the time. She comes up and gives him whatever he wants and is standing there letting him talk shit about me and how I am so unprofessional when I didnt even raise my voice. I had my weekend off and came in on monday being called into the SD’s office. All the ETLs are there, and they ask me about what happened. I explained everything to them and I said “if we’re just going to let guests do whatever they want because they try and use the racism card when I’m just doing my job then I feel this isn’t a safe environment for me to work.” To which my SD told me to go and put my two weeks in. The next day my ETL came up to me and asked how I was feeling (how would you think I’m feeling when I was essentially told I have to quit). I told her straight to her face “you’re a terrible fucking manager” and walked away. Not even 2 minutes later the SD comes out and gets in my face, “what did you say to her, come on what did you say?” all while having this stupid smug smile across his face. She pops up right behind him, “he said I was a terrible fucking manager.” SD says “I thought we could play nice but I guess not, get out of here.” And that was it Target career over. I know that it ended cause I couldnt keep my mouth shut but sitting there taking shit all the time when I worked so hard to try and make that store work better than it had been was just not it for me anymore. I heard from another TL that after I was left the SD hung my picture up like a trophy in his office, which I thought was a bit much, but shortly after they had told me to leave that SD had been fired cause he was apparently fucking my front end ETL which makes sense as to why he was so mad that I told her how I really felt. Oh well, fuck Target. I hate that place so much.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Good job stand up for yourself and not taking their shit. I hope you find a better job treating you better and paying you better. Fuck the company!!!!

  • viciousdave says:

    You did what's right in the papers of what to do on the job as a team lead. Yet that ETL was like no no we let him do it, we can't let him say we're racist. It's like follow the freaking store policy idiot! You followed the store policy and they went against it. Proving once again target ETLs and other team leads don't follow the team policy. If it were me I would of told it to the store manager. The store manager may have gotten angry about it and actually decided to do the right thing and fire the ETL. But anyway good story.

  • Ex_Bullseye_Slave says:

    My SD and ETL were working together to make me quit and eventually I hit a breaking point and did but it wasn’t too long after that they were out of the company as well. Just goes to show how incompetent they are.


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