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April 12, 2013 - discodork

I feel like I’m the target!

So I started in November of last year as a seasonal person and when the season was over I got handed the paper that said such n such of a date was my last day. Which I was pretty ok with not coming back at that point I thought well its not my loss so I will just stick it out until then. I did stick it out and it was about three days until my last day and my TL gave me a call and said well we decided to keep you some hours just open up and we chose you! I wanted to cry but not for joy at all. I was like well shit I need a job for rent and bills and that sort of thing so I was like …. sure I’ll stay (already knowing how much I was going to hate it)

So that TL was on and off for our store to train to be a LOD at another store so she could move up at a totally different store. This one particular TM in the area I worked in which was softlines, was training to be a TL. I asked where is she going to be a TL because someone told me that you cannot be a TL over the area you were in before because then everyone you worked with would look at you like you are still the same with no power over them, basically they wouldn’t respect you at all, which I could see that. Well as time went on the TL we had moved on a month before her date for the new store and the girl training for TL got her spot. (So I guess what I said before is not true, about being over a different area that is, the respect thing is though).

I can be a perfectionist at this particular job, I have never had this problem before at any other job. Maybe it was because when they trained us the first entire week all I did was fold tables and that I why I am slower than most. At the start they would always go back behind me and make me refold if it was not totally perfect and sized xs-xxl. So to me if you have me a whole week of doing nothing but that and it HAD to be that way or they would bark at you, then I blame them for wanting everything to be so perfect when there is no time for it!

So around March this new girl gets TL and there is a new LOD as well who was the TL over GS and they were always friends, chatting it up about who they hated and who they would want to get rid of and shit. So it was just great that THE FIRST NIGHT they closed together I was there closing too. Let me tell you about March, they started only having two people (not counting operator) to close softlines… FML!! So that first night I had the back half which was mens, baby basics, girls, boys, and infants. Someone else had RTW, shoes, jewelry, and performance. This person also has a heavy accent and so that meant I had to cover fitting rooms breaks, two 15 and one 30. Oh and when she came back since she was the only one there trained at GS she had to cover her 30 while I had to cover her for the other girl.

So I told the TL and LOD the buddies, that there was NO WAY I was going to even make a dent in any of my zones, or get any of my reshop done. Plus it was not the weekend of Easter but the one before, so dear god girls alone was a complete mess and I didn’t even want to go into infants, its the most screwed up department in the whole store even if its a slow night it still gets bombed.

While I was covering the fitting room, we had a huddle at the four corners of softlines so I could still hear but it was so busy with kids trying on Easter shit and teens trying to try on 20 bathing suits at one time I could barely keep anything up. We had 2 z bars of reshop and 9 buggies with two more at GS.

After the huddle was over both the TL and LOD came over to me and said that I am never allowed to cover fitting room again, and I have 2 hours to finish ALL of my areas… I just stared at them both like they were the most ignorant fucks ever. So the TL took over the fitting room for me to finish my areas. I swear not even 15 minutes later LOD calls me for fast service. I replied with that will cut into my 2 hours. She said nothing else but came over to me in girls and told me to get up there now. So I went, for 30 minutes I was up there. They only had 2 cashiers on a Friday night. I made a bee line out when I got the chance.

So it ended up being after 2 am and we were not done, I called my TL to tell her its either I do infants or I do mens but both will not get done. She smiled and said make it happen or else. So I chose on my own to look to see which one had been the worst, infants won and I got half way though when the LOD comes up to me and says ‘Why would you tell us you did girls when you didn’t?’ I was like excuse me… I tried my best not to yell at this bitch but DO NOT tell me I lied when I didn’t that just pisses me off to the point that I could care none whats so ever if a tiger came in a bit you in the face! I said I did do girls, three times actually it was that bad over there, its the weekend before a holiday what do you expect? I left that night bitter and mad as hell that that bitch was that rude and ignorant about the situation.

So I worked the weekend same shit, off Monday, came in Tuesday worked for about 30 minutes before I got called to the office. My TL was there waiting for me with the STL. I got written up and coached for not keeping up my work, not zoning correctly, and not folding tables to brand. I refused to sign the paper and told her to never schedule us together again and never give me infants. She said ‘I must have forgotten who the TL was…’ I said fine I am changing my availability so I wont have to close with you anymore. All she said was try it and we will see. I stopped myself from going any farther and left out to go back to work. Before I left she said I am giving you a month to improve or else we go to the next level. (What is the next level? How many write up or coachings can you get?)

Ever since then she was been following me around going behind me pointing out everything I do or not do the way she wants it. She sang out to me ‘I have people watching you!’ all day, if I did a pull she was there singing, if I was folding a table there she was staring at me. When the only other person closing in softlines was on break I had a call box go off and I had to go to it. She followed me the whole time, even to the back to get the crib from the back. I finally asked her do you mind? You are really just in my way so stop.

I talked to my HR person about it and all she said was you should communicate with her more. I was like no, if I do communicate more with her its going to get real ugly fast so I would rather not talk to her at all. She said she is going to follow up on her behavior. I cannot (well actually I can) believe that they let her be a TL.

So what I really want to know is who has it worse, softlines or hardlines? Not including market, that is worse IMO.


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  • quitters_win says:

    Cashiers always have the worse because they are left out of the huddles. stl and etl are dumb fucks who are robots and do not have any emotion. My former stl was canned ahahahha dumb fucking bitch; the same people you kissed ass to than fired your ass. Mark my words I will get my revenge and they will regret fucking with me. fuck target.


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