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June 12, 2011 - velvetred

I feel I was WRONGFULLY let go

I worked for taget for over 9 years from 95 to 07, and I thought that Target was the best place to work for. Well as of right now i think they SUX…

The first time i worked for them I was in Lincoln Ne. I moved to Cali. Well I came back to Ne and I applied every where i could. I got a job at Wal Mart.While working for Wal Mart I got a call from The new Super Target in Lincoln # 2303. They offered me a job. Well I was very happy that I gave my 2 weeks. After just being with Wal Mart a lil over a month. They put me in the Bakery. I told them from the get go that I was not a Baker, but they said that was ok I would get training. Well i was shadowing a co worker who has been baking for more than 20 some years. I was with her for 2 days over the weekend. The i never baked again for a week. You see she was the primary baker i was just to feel her days off. so i didnt bake for a week. Well i made my mistakes and I admit to them, but i feel i didnt  get the proper training. So i went to my team lead “maybe” 3 weeks into my 90 days, and spoke to her and asked if they would just transfer me. Hell they have a sign in front of store saying “NOW HIRE”. She said that she would look into it. I followed my chain of command. She was not doing anything so i went to her boss. The one in charge of bakery. I spoke to her and she said she should go talk to HR.  I thought HR was for us, but I think I was wrong. I told her everything with Irene in room. HR asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted to be transferred. That baking was not for me. That way I would not be waisting anybodies time.

Hr told me that I had to do my 90 days in bakery, and after my 90 day i could transfer.

So eight days ago I was given a 2 page paper tell me everything I needed to fix. Stuff that I thought I already fixed, and was told that I had until the 11th of this month (JUNE) that was eight days that I had. The funny thing about all this is that I would work like three days out of the week. So I never had any chance. I told HR that I felt like I was being set up to fail, And I was. Today 6 hours into my shift I was told I was being let go. Because I did not meet everything in that paper. I was like really after I asked more than once to be transferred, and she said yes.

So i am very bitter and pist off right now. I was not asked to sign anything at all. So come Monday Morning I am calling Corporate and dropping some dimes on people. You see I have nothing to looses and everything to gain.

I am so disappointed @ Target…

It feel good to find this sight and that Im not the only one who is unhappy.

Hey all give me some feed back


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