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July 7, 2014 - vorzle

I don’t think there’s a more inept chain out there

I work early morning flow doing pulls.  Early morning now starts at 6am instead of 4 like it used to be.  Goodbye shift differential.  Hello store still opening at 8.  So we have two less hours to get the pulls and unload done and to get the shelves stocked and trash/back stock taken care of before the store opens.  Of course they also cut hours for sales floor people.  There aren’t any of them in the morning now.  Flow is just expected to do that job too.  There’s pallets and cardboard cages everywhere that customers have to pick their way around to do their shopping.  My STL says “we just have to educate customers about the way things are going to be now”.  Really?  If you have to educate your customers about why they can’t go down an aisle to grab their corn flakes because there’s boxes bowled out everywhere because you cut hours back so severely…maybe that’s not the best business plan.  Customers should not have to get used to you fucking them over.

Anyway, I digress.  Since hours have been cut back so much the back room at my store is a fucking pigsty.  Half the time when I get there I can’t even find any equipment to put the pulls on since it’s all still loaded up with back stock that never got done the day (or week) before.  Trash too.  There’s trash everywhere.  Nobody takes care of it, and nobody seems to care that it never gets taken care of.  The supposed back room lead doesn’t give a shit because she’s always sitting in the break room with her friends who are also leads too busy chatting to do their jobs.  The logistics ETL apparently doesn’t care.  He talks big when I bitch to him but nothing ever changes.  There are never any hours available to get things in order, and never any followup on at least people picking up garbage.  But the district manager did come in and decide that pulls have to be done no later than when the trailer is done being unloaded.  So on average 8-9 hours of pulls.  Three people scheduled to do pulls, but one always pulled away to help on the line.  So you expect two people to get over 4 hours of work each done in an hour.  I know pull times are generous, but not get 4 hours worth done in 1 hour generous.  Especially when we can’t just do the work.  We have to unload equipment to have something to use.

Last week they had a problem with the freezer so they called in contractors who disconnected the alarm and went in to work.  The freezer (normally kept at -20 degrees) got up to 70.  It had been 70 degrees in there for over an hour when I clocked out.  I told my ETL about it on my way to the time clock.  He told me not to worry.  Apparently food safety isn’t really much of a concern either.  Just keep on selling that raw meat that sat at room temperature for I don’t know how many hours before the freezer got fixed.

As soon as I find something else I will be out that door with a huge smile on my face.


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  • Silverfox says:

    you can say that again. Walmart didn't lose nearly 1 billon in canada but target did. xD. guess they want to lose more money


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