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August 31, 2018 - crimson.highflyer

I do something nice AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET????

Ok first off I’ve been working at Target for two years now, ever since senior year of high school. I was supposed to get put on the softlines team, but they ended up hiring me on as a cashier. They told me that I would get moved a few months into the job. It’s been two years. Anyway.

About a year ago, my store had a huge power outage and it was out for the whole day. it was pouring rain during my whole shift and at one point a guest came up to me and asked if someone could help her jump her car. really sweet older lady doing her best. hope she’s doing well. I tried to find someone to help, but nobody wanted to help an old lady with a dead battery in her car. I ended up helping her jump her car during my WHOLE LUNCH BREAK (in the still pouring rain mind you), and after I got back on the clock one of the asshole GTSLS had the AUDACITY to ask if I had tried to push this sweet old lady to get a redcard WHILE HELPING HER JUMP HER CAR IN THE FUCKING POURING RAIN. This job just leaves me speechless sometimes. Besides the management that pushes redcards and HR that gives me no hours while I’m trying to pay for college, I love the people I work with up front. All of our lives are a big mess and we all bond over our declining mental health. That’s peak working at Target right there. 


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