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April 26, 2016 - RyderFord

I did it! I quit Target!

I wanted to make this post a couple days ago but I got a little too busy but I finally have some time. I have OFFICIALLY gotten out of Target. I started in August 2015 and got a new job April 2016, put my two weeks in on April 1st (HA), and was out in 2 weeks. I was here for around 8 months, did closing shifts every night, and it is without a doubt the WORST job experience I have ever had. It’s very sad because I’m one of those people who are happy to just have a job in this awful economy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those employees who comes home home and whines about my job either, but this was just on a whole different level.

Let’s just start off with the interview. It was a joke, they ask you the most ridiculous and unrealistic situational questions that you literally just have to wing your answers on everything. I got 2 interviews and was hired, and was hired at 35+ hours a week. The first couple weeks I was getting good hours, but then right when October hit I was getting around 11-20 hours a week, and that’s just not fair. They screwed me over so many times with this type of nonsense. I would go 7-8 days without working and get terrible paychecks.

Anyways, it was the slowest 8 months of my life. Every single day I went to work absolutely miserable, dreading every second, busting my ass for $9 an hour only to get b*tched at by the LOD’s and Team Lead’s. Nothing was EVER good enough for these people. In my entire 8 months of working here, I didn’t work the register ONE TIME! Which is a plus for me.. and I’m not complaining at all because from what I heard from the other employees.. register is not fun. But they would always call me to go up for back-up and I would say every single shift that I wasn’t trained, and they’d get mad at ME! Even the STL! As if it was my fault whatsoever that they never put me on register. It’s supposed to be done the first shift.

My team and I were a pretty good team and we got a lot of stuff done. Sure, there were some bimbos who got away with doing nothing, but a majority of us worked our butts off. But when the end of some nights came and the LOD’s would get mad that we didn’t finish one little thing, it felt really shitty. Why would you want to send your employees home disgruntled? I saw so many people quit in 8 months, GREAT workers that got a crapload of stuff done, because the management appreciated nothing. I had a friend who wasn’t scheduled for a whole 2 weeks, and they blamed it on his availability, but his availability was OPEN except for Sundays, which was closing only! SPEAKING OF SCHEDULING AND AVAILABILITY…

The people who made the schedules were absolute GOONS. I would request days off, they would get approved and then I would get scheduled for those days. This happened to me many times and I tried to talk to HR about it, but he told me if I was to not show up, it would be considered a no call no show, which is ridiculous. Another funny thing? I had already put my two weeks in, and they were still scheduling me on the new schedules.

This next topic is one of the things that bothered me the most. Throughout the 8 months I was there, there were some interns that came in, most good, some bad. The newest Team Lead that I got is by far one of the worst people I’ve ever worked with in any job I’ve worked at. She gets away with doing absolutely nothing because she is close friends with the STL, and that’s the only reason she got the job in the first place. She would complain to us at the end of the night that the store looked bad when it didn’t whatsoever, but the entire night she would walk around circling the store over and over while just using her phone. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. There were times where I’d walk into the backroom and she’d be leaning against the wall just texting on her phone, and she wouldn’t even bother to put it away. She would make us go back and re-do aisles that we zoned 5 hours before, because she thinks we didn’t zone them, but in reality the store just got shopped in those 5 hours. There was a time I recall that her and another Team Lead were literally f*cking DANCING in the back room to music on their phones as we were out pushing tons of stuff on a really busy holiday night. She was seriously one of the most frustrating managers I have ever dealt with. I would have went and complained about her, but she was close with the STL so I felt like it wouldn’t have mattered if I said anything.

“BUT IT SAYS YOU HAVE IT ONLINE!!!” ….And then of course.. there were the “guests”.. which I HATED to call them by the way, because it doesn’t make any sense. Guests are people invited to take part in something.. CUSTOMERS are people who shop. But Target has GOTTA have its fancy names with literally everything. “LOD” = Manager, “Team Lead” = Assistant Manager, “STL” = ???? Anyways…. don’t get me wrong, I live in a nice, small, quiet town, and there’s a lot of good people here. But some people that shopped here were just unbelievably rude, and unappreciative. Some people straight up just don’t believe you. For example, there was a time someone needed an entertainment system, I scanned it, we were out of stock, and every other Target store in the area were out of stock as well. This man was in front of his family… honestly EMBARRASSING himself, and told me that I was a liar because says we had some left. How is it my fault whatsoever that you didn’t come quick enough to buy it while they were still here? And people would get this upset over little things, such as cereal or mac and cheese! Just totally unappreciative!

Every employee I worked with was disgruntled, and yeah, you can say “JUST QUIT!” But even if we’re getting paid dogsh*t money, we need some sort of income. A lot of them are just college kids who want a part time job, which is understandable. A lot of the employees don’t give a sh*t, and frankly neither did I because after the first few weeks I had already had enough, and I saw right through all of those fake managers and their BS. They try to make Target look like this amazing, positive place when in reality they couldn’t care less about you. They said I would be a big loss to the “Target Team” and only started to appreciate me in my last two weeks, sucking up to me so that maybe I’d consider staying.

When I told an LOD that I was quitting, he laughed at me and asked why I would leave. I told him “Because I’m getting paid more there than I do here.” And he said “What? Like 5 cents?”, just completely mocking me. Jokes on him because he’s stuck at Target his entire life hating himself while I’m making more at my new job where the management actually cares, where I get hours, AND where I make more and not having to bust my ass for it.

I have never been more disgruntled at a job than I have at Target. I’m just happy I got out, and I understand everyone’s frustration with working here. There are just no positives. The only thing I can think of is that I made a few friends. And I knew that going in I wasn’t going to like it, it’s retail and retail sucks. During my breaks I would literally be on my phone looking for new jobs. The employees hated it so much that it was so negative to be around some people, it dragged you down. I at least tried to spark up some conversation and not make the night so terrible, which I did a lot of the nights to just get the others through it!

Target.. a great place to shop but a DREADFUL place to work.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    A lot of the people who stay at Target don't know any better. They think retail is retail, but it's not. Targets management system is the worst. I've never seen a more clueless bunch of leaders. They have no respect for their team members. They have very limited experience. They are lazy. Instead of the addressing the real issues they blame the team members making 9 dollars an hour. One day while unloading the truck we were short 6 people; 2 no shows, 2 on vacation and 2 quit. Who get's the blame for not finishing on time while majorly understaffed? THE PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP FOR WORK........ I couldn't believe it. I was in total shock and should have quit on the spot.

  • mchisari says:

    Wow what a dickhead of an LOD tarshit doesn’t care about anyone, they only care about money!


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