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December 3, 2010 - Former Team Member

I am a former team member

That is the Target term for the rank and file employees.  I was recently terminated.  Why, you might ask.  I am a college-educated person in my early 40’s.  I was always good with the guests, that are the Target term for customers.  For example always asking  “Can I help you find something” that’s the Target catch phrase, getting stuff from the stock room and searching for it if it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and just about anything else you can think of to help them out.  I always did my best to make sure the guest left Target happy and if they didn’t it was a circumstance beyond my control.   I also knew where most of the merchandise was. I rarely called out sick, and my areas were always “zoned”, the Target term for straightening up well.  So why was I fired?  I refused to play their sycophantic games that’s why.  This included not clapping and cheering at “huddles” the Target term for meetings, not writing out “great team cards” these are business sized cards which when I was originally hired was told were to written by team leaders or ETL’s.  Somewhere along the line this changed and everybody was supposed to write these.  These were almost always given for just performing your job.  I said when I saw somebody really go above and beyond I would write one, this never happened.  I did let my opinion be known about some people out but is always privately.  I never publicly called anybody out.  I also did my best to make sure the college students always but their education first and were not pressured into putting Target ahead of that.  This was something Target words agreed with but Target actions did not.  The thing I found most disgusting the incident that led to my being fired happened a week and a half before it I was let go, they just wanted to keep me through Thanksgiving weekend.  Also the STL and one of the ETL’s were praising my work the whole day on the day I was terminated.  How hypocritical can you get?


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