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October 12, 2013 - sjs

How do I get my last check?

I was hired to be GSTL and worked for less than a month before I realized that it was not for me. I did not give notice, but called on my day off to say I would not be coming back. I know I left in less than desirable circumstances, but I should still get paid for the work I did. My last day was almost a month ago, and I have not gotten any checks, I should have gotten two in my time there. I have spoken to HR who says they were mailed a week ago, the store is 3 miles down the road, and even if it was coming from corporate, it still wouldn’t take a week. Anyone had this issue?


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  • viciousdave says:

    If they haven't paid you for work you've done and you've waited the regular 2 weeks for a check, they are being unlawful and can be held unjust under federal law for that. Consult a lawyer, you would have to pay him a percentage of course, but to get your real employee earned money is well worth it. I would also call Target main line for these issues, the number is 1-800-440-0680. After through the automatic answering, an operator will finally answer and ask to speak to headquarters about not being paid and staff will help you get paid for your time.

  • Rio Diorgio says:

    The number that you actually need is 1800-394-1885 for Target team member services. If you do not have your team member number, have other personal identification numbers available such as social security or id or drivers license number. Know the store number of the store you worked at or the store's phone number.

  • ZeroMovement says:

    I had this issue with another company. If you really can't get them to cough it up they have six months after your termination to send you a check, via mail if nothing else.
    Failure to comply with this Federal standard will result in fines they do not want to pay so your check will come in time.
    Before I started using direct deposit i would go to the TSC and ask for my check. you might try there if you don't care that they see your face.


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