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September 22, 2014 - mrsirsir

Hour cuts logic

Before I start I understand hour cuts are to save money and if you read my earlier post with the slow (flo) team at our store we are frequently over in hours thanks to them.

so on to why I’m here. Past two weeks I’ve been screwed over multiple times. So my boss promised me he would hire someone to help me and he held up his promise and hired this new kid. Good worker and picked up backroom pretty quick. So my boss said “this Thursday he’s gonna help you with the close for two hours.” Great I’m happy. Thursday comes around and my boss walks up and says “look I’m sorry but clerical (or whoever fucks with the schedule) cut the new kid so your gonna have to close alone. So I’m angry but what really makes me mad is electronics had 3 people that day and they only need 2 at a time. They have me close alone yet have blue side over scheduled. Ok target

And here’s a kicker. We have a recent transfer who is trained in backroom. Could work it if we ever needed him. he even offered. So one day we needed him to close and he said that’s fine. He was low on hours anyway. But next day I come in (I’m suppose to be in the helper to closer role) and find out our etl for backroom (not the guy in the paragraph before) decided to cut him because “he’s not trained how I want” and then asks me if I can takeover the full closing shift. I said no because I had to go pick up my mom. So because of her we had no closer past 7:30 and store manager is like “you should’ve stayed if I was here I wouldn’t even have given you the option.

I recently got an interview at subaru so I hope they hire me so I can put in my two weeks. I’m tired of being screwed over.


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  • viciousdave says:

    So, you want a helper, get a new guy, oh we cut him away. Ask for new guy again, totally knows it, been at store for a while even so of course they won't cut him off. Cut him from the job. WTF? Seriously? Oh he's not what you wanted. What? WTF? What the hell target bullshit aholes, he's not what he wanted? He just wanted help on the backroom, god damn tarshit, you get worse every damn day on here and I experience it myself. I'm going to quit soon also, regardless if I have another job, I'd rather be poor than work for there lazy aholes.


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